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  1. Build the DOS version. It will create a monster.sou just like that.
  2. The PC talkie version barely has any. There are only a few music cues during cut scenes. There is only one audio track, which contains mainly all the voice acting. The FM Towns version on the other hand contains all the music the floppy version has as CD audio. Each track in two different versions.
  3. SCUMM games have all their texts in the scripts. Other then decompiling them, there is scummtr, a translation tool which can extract all the texts in one file. The text file then has them in the order they are in the game resources, hence there is no obvious order. And it's not only subtitles, but any text the game can display somewhere, even debug messages. Only the later SCUMM games like The Dig and Curse of Monkey Island have a translation file removing the need to edit the scripts itself.
  4. Not that I know of. They probably though that it would suffice when you can adjust the music volume. You would adjust the volumes with the mixer tool which came with the sound card. In DOSBox, there should be no need to adjust volumes, but I remember some cheap soundcards having insane default settings, unfortunately. They added sliders in later SCUMM V6 revisions, finally.
  5. The game simply doesn't use those tracks, thus converting them gains you nothing. They weren't used on the original CD either.
  6. It's still SCUMM V5, though. It is essentially a big hack around the original engine which adds all that stuff on the fly. But under the hood still runs the SCUMM V5 engine executing the original scripts exactly as they were on CD. This has nothing to do with SCUMM V6 and later.
  7. Cache can be disabled in software. Try this: http://www.gratissaugen.de/files/cache.zip It has to be executed in DOS. It is not Windows compatible (although Windows can be slowed down by just executing it before loading Windows).
  8. I also use ctmouse, no problem with that, it seems. I just figured out, the problems appear for me when I use SB IRQ 7, but they disappear completely if I change it to IRQ 5. For me too, none of the other games on that PC have this issue.
  9. If you suspect an issue with the Ultimate Talkie Editions, you should check if Indy 4 talkie (or its self running demo) has the same issue. Then, it is most likely a problem with the executable and the sound drivers coming with it. The Adlib music issue is usually a too fast PC. This also can lead to hanging notes on midi devices. So disabling CPU cache is always a good idea for old LucasArts adventures. I have a similar DOS PC (Pentium 200mmx with a VIA chipset and Award BIOS) and encountered those issues occasionally, but never found a fix that worked every time, unfortunately. I don't have a PS/2 mouse but a serial mouse connected to it (like you usually do on AT boards), so it can't be just that. I found, when I run the game from within Windows 95, then it runs fine most of the time. Sometimes, I get crackling speech, but no game hanging like in pure DOS. Maybe the game doesn't like some drivers (probably mouse and/or sound). It should be possible to play through it, as I tested it successfully on that PC along with others.
  10. Just ask him for the next number twice without leaving the place in-between, and you should get that line.
  11. Did you try increase or decrease the cycle setting in DOS-Box? If it is too high for your computer, sound issues will usually occur. If it is too low, the game will slow down. Also check and try different command line options. Type monkey ? to get help on those. This is not a bug, it's a feature. You are playing in "match voice acting"-mode. Switch to "keep original text"-mode. The 5000 was omitted until your first offer, since that could possibly lead to unvoiced prices. This "fix" works with subtitles turned on only. Keep in mind, that in "keep original text"-mode, some unvoiced lines may pass by very fast then, though. With subtitles off, this fix was suggested for the original SE, and is only required there.
  12. Could it be, that this kid just bet on the number you got? If that is the case, just knock on that door and ask for a new number. Remember, the guy behind the door tells you, that he fixes only one number at a time.
  13. The resources are all there, just like they were in the DOS version. The only reason you don't hear them in the SE is, that the executable doesn't support them. It's not just copying but also patching many script, which involved much work to make this possible. The monster.sou would be completely ignored by the engine with just copying the original files. Apart from the music, this works rather similar to the MI1 ultimate talkie edition. You may read that thread, if you are interested in all the details we went through: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=199288
  14. Use MT-32. Either a real one or an emulator. ScummVM comes with an MT-32 emulator. You need the MT-32 ROMs, though. This requirement won't change in the final version, either. You might also try ScummVM's ability to translate the MIDI to GM. Depending on your wavetable, this can sound rather good too.
  15. Works nice. Except for my Ultimate Talkie Edition. It crashes when trying to load the resources. I wonder why is that?
  16. Maybe I should just leave it at v0.2 until this particular spammer goes away.
  17. The Ultimate Talkie Edition Builder 1.0 is out now. You can find it on its new home here: http://gratissaugen.de/ultimatetalkies/
  18. I'm still planning to finish this project soon. In the meantime, here is a reupload of the last beta: http://www.fileden.com/files/2012/2/1/3258380/MI2_Ultimate_Talkie_Edition_Builder_0.2.zip
  19. For WAV files, maybe the Special Edition is just what you're locking for. The classic version is basically recorded from an MT-32, separated in stems and transitions ready to be mixed on the fly by the game. Unfortunately, they got some instruments wrong, though.
  20. Not yet. Currently, I'm trying to figure out how to use ffmpeg as a xwmaencode replacement. That would please the ScummVM team, and applying the patch officially would likely to happen. There will be another RC when this works. The game itself is not affected by this. Other than this, I would probably apply some grammar fixes as mentioned a few posts ago.
  21. This line was replaced in the original enhanced CD for legal reasons. I don't think, restoring the original line would be a good idea in this case. I picked a slightly better replacement line here at least. Don't confuse grammar with typos. I don't think the characters are supposed to talk perfect English in most cases. It's slang, pirate lingo, etc.. Not a dictionary. Wrong apostrophes in "it's" vs. "its" etc. are a different matter, which I intend to fix. Match voice mode is a different matter. In cases where the spoken words are clearly different to the subtitbles, I might add those alternative lines. I won't go through every minor detail here, though. This is the intended behavior for SE and CD music. The tracks are recorded this way on purpose. The midi tracks shouldn't stop here, though.
  22. Yes, it does for MI1. Still, there is nothing for MI2_ResExtract yet.
  23. extract_classic is included which is a modified version of extractpak to only extract monkey.000 and monkey.001. I don't have the source code of this modified version anymore. Shouldn't be a big deal to do this modification again, though. Of course, if you could do it like MI2_ResExtract, but for MI1SE, that should do as well.
  24. Unfortunately, Espiox does not answer for over a year now. I tried pm him month ago. Thus my question: Could an admin update the opening post please? It gets more and more confusing for newbies. - First of all, links to the latest patch, modified ScummVM and its source would be good. Just like done in the Monkey 2 Talkie thread. - The "Known Problems" mentioned there should be all fixed by now. - And the FAQ should be updated: Q: What help is needed? Completely outdated answer. Appropriate would be: A: None anymore. The v1.0 should be released soon, when some legal concerns are cleared with the ScummVM team. Q: Since it's for the DOS CD version, will it actually run in DOS? Completely outdated answer here too. You may replace it with this: A: It does, except that CD audio is not supported, which is a limitation of native SCUMM V5. However, the patched game adds support for MT-32 and General MIDI. Q: Do you have any other features planned (like including SE music, "fixing" the VGA version, etc.)? Yet another outdated answer. Try this: A: The current patch fixes quite a lot of bugs, some which were introduced with the enhanced CD, and even some present in every version of the game available. The patch converts both soundtracks ready to be used with ScummVM. The last one is a bit cluttered. Maybe you should put the music question to a separate one.
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