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  1. o_O that kinda shocked me for a sec there, an intelligent post... but anyways, I don't think i'd mind something with just a lightsabre, and a bit faster speed/jumping (acrobatics), and a way to deflect shots... I wouldn't need force powers (But they would be a nice touch) And like I just stated, I wouldn't expect too much other then just the functionality...
  2. Heh I was getting a bit bored with the gameplay... only thing still fun is using the jetpack, and playing with the CIS. I usually do pretty good on whatever server, unless theres like 50 people, so "leave this game for the gunners" doesn't really do much there. And if you read what I said, there would still be gunners, which you probably just skimmed thru
  3. Heh... If it's easily unbalanced, you say how it's unbalanced, yet when it's perfectly balanced and could be fun, you do the fail-safe of recommending a different game. You probably never noticed that
  4. If there were mod tools, a sufficiently talented person could make a good jedi system... and they wouldn't need a huge team in my opinion either... theres already a few jedi models in the game (obviously) and the heros can be used as a basis for how it will work besides their invulernability. And as I can see, "TK-8252", you're a stubborn person and won't ever change your opinion... so refrain to replying to this unless you have something intelligent to say that doesn't represent the fact that you're just trying to stand up for the fact that you don't want jedis. =-(edit)-= what do bots have to do with this at all? O_o
  5. I never played it, however, I assume you're saying that it's not very good?
  6. I read everyone's ideas on how jedi are so terrible, etc, etc, and that it would be impossible to balance... but in a matter of seconds, I came up with a good idea. 1 Player is a Jedi, and the teams are either FFA or like everyone vs the jedi, most likely the latter. The player who kills the jedi (and the jedi won't be invulernable), would become him. This way there would only be 1 Jedi during the game, and it would be like a hunt of the jedi. If you are going to repeat the same opinions on Jedi lots of you have already done... then don't do it here
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