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  1. Bumping this up cause I have got the same prob, all planets at this point in the campaign are conquered. Did the mission a couple of times and failed now it just flat out wont let me go there.
  2. all you have to do is open the .skin file and all the parts you dont want just erase thier filepath to the texture and type *off on it to turn the surface off and you wont see the effects over it either. ex: torso *off .skin files can be opened with notepad
  3. looks pretty nice, just like SWBF2, at least someone likes my ships too
  4. just looks to me like its haps obi-wans body with kotor heads
  5. you should try recording it as .wmv cause windows media files are very small with good quality. mooninites > all XD
  6. good work cuillere, youve gotten to be a great modeler, goin to school really paid off eh? i was gonna start makin one of these soon for SWBF2 but good refs were hard to come by. the middle leg btw is only down when its firing its main cannon for stability and at all other times its up. ive always loved your work on textures, even the greatest model can look like crap if it has bad textures but yours are always perfect!
  7. hes talking about the dedicated server files, not the game patch
  8. man theres even a link to my virago model that you skinned for me, thanks a bunch on that one, its always been my favorite.
  9. alex, im not sure if your aware but we can mod more than just most things, xbox expantion is no big deal mod tools are better hands down. >_>
  10. i dont think theyll release the new heros for PC but the SWBF levels might be available since the lead level designer has been posting alot at gametoast, who knows, maybe hell make mods like the lead modeler for pandemic, psyk0fred did.
  11. god i cant believe people keep thinkin that PC is getting the same stuff as xbox, they should be burned at the stake >_> oh and about asajj ventress, marz gave me permission to convert her, i was just gonna use ayla's animations for the time until i can give her some custom ones, cant decide wheather she should have a staff version too. :S
  12. i got a wacom, mines a lil bigger than that but thier very useful for painting textures, theyre super hard to draw actual sketches with though. i can draw on it now but it was like hard to learn cause thiers no friction between that pen and the slippery surface of the tablet like thier is on pencil and paper.
  13. yeah i was just gonna rig asajj and merge her with the existing dual saber animations just for the time cause shes far more known as a dual saber user even though she can link them into a staff. yeah and i also agree about kit just being in normal jedi robes and ill try to think of some unique things for him. i dont know if i could give them unique fighting styles since it would require new animations which no one has seemed to be able to do since the aniguide isnt that clear on how to do it. i might be able to do it though now that i think about it since im using the pandemic made skeleton so there shouldnt be any problems animating it. most people tried custom anims on vehicles which used a unique skelly and we might just not be setting up the bones right. i never watched the CW cartoons so i dont know much about how asajj and kit really fight but ill look into it. im also still waiting for a reply from marz about using his models since im not the best character modeler and his models are already really good.
  14. no ones just posted any new unit models, models are supposed to be the same though according 2 of the developers, so no re-exporting needed. is there any certain model anyone would like to see in SWBF2, i have the unit skeleton and the ability to put one in game just havnt thought of anything good. neomarz made a great asajj ventress model and ive worked with him before, im pretty sure if i asked him hed let me put it in SWBF2. so you guys want an asajj for PC?
  15. face looks good but ease up on the burn tool on the clothing of the upper body and make the threading in the cloth ALOT finer so that a single thread on the tunic isnt as wide as a pencil
  16. why rebuild the model thats already in the game? O_o i modeled this thing but it was for me to use in JKA.
  17. i dont see why people think how much better the xbox release is when its nothing compared to the mod tools for PC which allow endless possiblities. im sure chris fusco (lead modeler for pandemic) would probably release the asajj and kit models eventually. if not then someone could always make them, i have the skeleton but im not that great at modeling humanoids but since neomarz is my buddy i could maybe get his asajj model, i have the skeleton fully set up and i have everything i need to do it. i cant beleive that one person that i talked to actually didnt think it was possible to add new units and animations into the game when ive already seen it done and have been playing with it myself. if you guys go to gametoast.com 2 of the guys from pandemic post there and one is a moderator, after lookin around you wont be so jeleous of the models that xbox gets especially when you can make anything you want for the game while that update is as much as theyll probably ever get.
  18. meh all you would need to do is drape it over the shoulder and use edgeloops on the cape much like you would a human shoulder and then rig it like one and it should come out very realistic.
  19. this is seriously now one of my favorite models! i started making one not knowing you were already nearly done with yours since i rarely come here but i made the body of mine differently, instead of the torso being one mesh i modeled each piece of armor so it gave it more definition but these things were hard to find good refs of =\
  20. the model looks excelent and im sure the cape will too. one thing, that electrostaff is enourmous, there should be a new one made. the electrostaff in the movie was about as long as a bo staff which isnt much longer in overall length than a lightsaber with blade out would be. the effect should be new too, that one is good but the purple box has got to go. the staff there is so big around that it clips through all the fingers. you should also throw in a new staff thats closer to the movie, weapons like that are easy to make even though i dont think ive seen a weapon from you marz.
  21. i guess we can hang out here for a while then. does this mean all of our threads on our forums are lost? cause there was alot there. oh also i thought we should post individual threads on models and maps that we have done in the mod in the areas where non-team members browse so they can see what we have done.
  22. i dont think its necesarry at all to modify Kyle, his outfit was meant to be the same in all the games. just cause in the older ones it appears a lighter/darker shade doesnt mean it really was supposed to be that way cause in the cinematics Kyles outfiit is the same as JO/JA.
  23. im about to leave right now but ive seen the original model for Q3a and also the frst time you worked on it, so ill find the link to it later.
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