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  1. Meanie! I hope the Xbox will get the new map or new patch features soon! Then I will probably be more In to map making discussions!
  2. The Xbox has this Force equal teams feature you are talking about!
  3. On the Xbox, I have seen and tried to make the At-St's move inside the echo base and camp near the repair droid! It will only work online and is a rather annoying cheap tatic! BTW when I did it I was by my self I am not that cheap!!!
  4. The Instant action battles usually seem to have more fighting than the multi player battles!!! Not that the fighting is harder you usually just see more people runing around like idiots getting shot! Very true but the PC owns all in dev support!
  5. Cool sounding map!!! They should do that with Kiminoians in the Kimino map!
  6. I counted 20 bots per team once, single player only! In multi it is 16 per team but single players has more!
  7. Press A twice! THe manual Sucks dosen't say anthing about get packs!
  8. I voted Battlefront where I could and Halo2 where I coulden't!
  9. WoW I never heard of this! Does it work on all Xbox and PS2?
  10. The Xbox version will probably be in a month or so don't know why they haven't said anything about the PC version though!
  11. I was kind of joking! I would like to see the result but woulden't want to do it! Sorry about off topic ness!
  12. My self I am not dissapointed by the game at all! I am disapsapointed by there being less console support than PC support! Basically you will be dissapointed of this game if you diden't like the battlefield series! I loved battlefield but it was very laggy had very long load times, players could do really cheap tatics because of things that patches never fixed, and had no dev team support!
  13. As to that interchangable comment! I always wanted to take the vedio card out of my Xbox and put it in my older computer to see if it would work!
  14. Us Xbox users have only got one patch! And all it fixed was finding servers!
  15. I saw a thread on the site in my first post on how to make it run like a dream on an XP! I have to swhich to my old comp to play mine though! I love new maps!
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