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  1. The Instant action battles usually seem to have more fighting than the multi player battles!!!


    Not that the fighting is harder you usually just see more people runing around like idiots getting shot!


    X-Box owns the PS2.


    Very true but the PC owns all in dev support!

  2. Originally posted by Cpt. Bannon

    it may work, as the card is (i think) a prototype geForce 3. however, the gf3 drivers may not work with it, but it'd be interesting to see. PM me if you try it please.


    I was kind of joking!


    I would like to see the result but woulden't want to do it!


    Sorry about off topic ness!

  3. My self I am not dissapointed by the game at all!


    I am disapsapointed by there being less console support than PC support!


    Basically you will be dissapointed of this game if you diden't like the battlefield series!


    I loved battlefield but it was very laggy had very long load times, players could do really cheap tatics because of things that patches never fixed, and had no dev team support!

  4. Originally posted by TheDarkKnight

    Good Day Honoured Warriors ...


    Can anyone shed some light on why we have no further updates to the PS2 version. I have/am being patient and love the game despite its quirks, but I do expect to have the updates that the PC version/Xbox users are enjoying... ho hum ... Is it just a matter of time or are we frozen out of updates do to different architecture?





    Us Xbox users have only got one patch!

    And all it fixed was finding servers!

  5. I too don't really play scairy games Because I have nightmares about it for weeks (damn photgraphic memory)!


    The flood were scairy at first but after the first too missions I was like these guys are just stupid and just shot them with the shotgun (and yes I am talking about legendary, they are still stupid and easy to kill they just have numbers!)!


    I never played doom 3 or AVP 1/2 never saw the movie either!


    Scairy moment for me was when I was playing Starwars: Dark forces and when I first encounterd a Phase one Darktrooper Damn I was like so terrified of the thing my shots missed so bad I backed into a corner and blew myself up with a grenade!


    This shows what DTs look and sound like just If your wondering! (look at stage 1)


    Its bad quality pics they look much better in game!


    This is like me shooting at it missing bad, I missed worse though!



    BTW in Battlefront the Darktroopers are phase 2's they messed them up really bad though!

  6. Halo 2 having just come out means the xbox version lost all players of battlefront (they need to release a patch!)


    I just checked and there were 2 servers going with 4 people in each! It is sad!


    I hope they at least release a 1.1 patch for the xbox when Jabbas palace comes out!

  7. I don't even know where the Xbox player list is but,

    It says or did say that it should be there!


    Btw the origional rebel vehicles on that site looked really weak and stupid like a speeder bike built for two, no seriously its a speeder bike built for two WTF!


    Alot of stuff is labled wrong two!


    The piolit droid has a grenade launcher WRONG,

    The CIS guys also don't have coloring they are all standard droid colors,

    The super battle droid on site doesen't have a tri shot!

    They got the clone unit page pritty good though,


    Its gone now but for a while the site had some thing called epesode 3 planet in the planet section, no movie, no description,

    The imperial weapons section is pritty sad!


    The republic sniper rifle show the imperial one!

    The hailfire droid is absent from the vehicle page!

    The rebels have a bazarre gian speeder listed on the vehicle page What is that thing?


    The origional naboo vedio (which was taken off of the site showed, really ugly inacuratte flash speeders that were gigantic, when the flash speeder is ment for speed hence its name.)


    What the hell is up with this site!

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