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  1. Looking good, I just hope us Xboxr's won't have to pay! And where is our 1.1 patch huh!
  2. What you said is what I ment Mabe the first level in Mysteries of the sith could be done also! BTW kool shadows of the empire Idea! I like the train level! With the old callaposed at-at in the background! BTW AGAIN I like the V-torrent! BTW 3 Sorry SATA but I must correct you the empire devoloped the TIE AVENGER based on darth vaders TIE ADVANCED X1 I believe the first exp, if they decide to do more that is, will be adding Revenge of the Sith stuff and the second will be An EU expansion! DID anyone else see stormtroopers fighting battledroids in the Revenge of the sith game trailer? or Super battledroids with rocket launcher arms? http://www.lucasarts.com/ep3/ sorry SwordFish95 but your new unit Ideas suck Everything else rocks though! The clone commando would be really stupid because he looks almost exactly like a darktrooper and he is not designed for this game he uses close nit tactiks so he would suck! Clone sargent is just like the clone trooper only more ammo (Everyone would use him plus I never run out of ammo so he is nothing) in this game ammo is every where! Support trooper is a moble turret (crappy) sorry but yet again two overpowered! Same with reble defender! Bothne spy should be there! Imperial Officer should be there he should make the bots slightly better or some thing like unlimited ammo when near him (he should have something like a commando pistol) and be able to despence ammo and helth! A battle droid haha very funny very unique sorry but a genosain eliet is more what I was thinking! the Genosians were greatly involved in the clone wars even after their planet was taken over! But maby not only on the level genosis should they be! Maby the dwarf waking spider tanks as a unit would be cool a anti take cannon with large splash but long relode time as his only weapon but as a secondary he instantly self distructs creating a large splash damage anti infentry attack! sorry about spelling! I was typing fast!
  3. Hey I feel this way too, I don't think it will cost us if it doesen't cost pc gamers. And were is our 1.1 patch huh! THE AI SUCKS AND 200 RIENFORCE IS GETTING OLD! BTW Starwars Demolition was pritty cool but a rideabe ranco come on! Im still hoping for nutral creatures added into maps like krate dragons on dune sea or wampa on hoth! And natural desaster where in kimino Id litning can strike troops reiking havoc or people getting taken away with waves!
  4. Those are some good Ideas THough I do agree about the fett thing with the guy above me! Like every thing but new unit Ideas! No ridable Peko peko as they are already in the game and are tiny (flying around at naboo planes) My Idea Kamino guards as npc's in the kimino level! Space battles would need flight celling adjustments! AT-XT's would rock but need to be toned down abit! Boba and jango should be heros Historical campaign map Idea: I mentioned this earlier but the Dark trooper invasion of the first planet you go to in dark forces (I forgot name) You play as empire! 2 unique units for map dark trooper phase 1 and as a hero dark trooper phase 3 Rebles get some vehicles maby two tanks! The phase 2 dt gets the beefing up he deserves for this map only, better armor, the gun he actually has, and a faster recharging jet pack! Phase 1 will be simmalr to what is already in game, only smaller and with hand to hand blades insted of pistol, he will also move as fast as the normal sniper! Phase 3 hero will be bigger and supports a jet trooper like jet pack with unlimited fule, missle lanuchers, other stuff (been a long time since I played df and I never beat it:confused: ) On all maps dark trooper gets the gun modle of what he has in dark forces no more e-11 shot gun, and a more robotic voice, The super battle droid needs a deeper or at least different voice and finally the rebel marksmen which is female needs to actually have a voice wtf! (sorry about miss spellings I am typing fast!) And be sure to visit the data base section of the Starwars offical site to check my info I will provide a link! But before typing about EU stuff I check so all should be in order http://www.starwars.com/databank/ Plz don't trash my post If you don't like what I say plz be nice! Edit: just rememberd a cool Idea! On any space level or bespin platforms the CIs sould lose all droid starfighters and insted replace the droid aca with a Droid star fighter unit! He will transform from walking form to flying form by pressing same button as with my avatar guy (I will just refer to him as destro from now on) He in flying mode will need to be massivly toned down Cis massed air units and it will need to show! You can not transform when flying for instant landing you must actually land first IT can capture bases, but only in walking mode! (I will need to know if people think this is Unbalanced or not) It can fire in walking mode but the guns are even weaker then in toned down flying mode! Tell me what you think!
  5. Uhh lukekatarn you already said that! Btw the Dark Trooper is using a Jump Pack not a jet pack I suggest that people should read the manual!
  6. The movies are about a thousand times better then the game!
  7. And that is why I hate comparisons on forums!
  8. I totally agree it is an abuse of power and it is quight annoying!
  9. It will probably be released soon, whenever a componey stops talking about patches and updates it is usually released soon after with a sorry about it taking so long appology! I can't wait for the patch either but wait we must!
  10. Come on people not another flame fest! Like the At-At /At-te forum! But jet/dark I like um both stop picking on the specal units:( I can't use any of the spec units good except the destro droid! It is hallarius watching me as a wookie (I don't care about the spelling thank you very much) but it is just plane sad watching me as a dark trooper (I used my jump pack flew straight up only to get nailed by the lazers of the At-At bahind me in flight) Though I mostly only use the jet trooper for quick base capping (the gun is not cheap /unbalanced it is called strafing lean well young padawan it has minimal splash damage, and destro droids shields just absorb the dame thing, I use the xbox version so maby its different I don't know)! Jets pack is better but armor and gun's are suckier (oppionoinated)! They are both designed for some thing differen't so they are hard to compair unless we are talking about base capping!
  11. Look at this post It made everyone hate me:( I was just stating facts when everyone was like woh facts that will make me look bad so I better flame! Yes It was an angry post but come on!
  12. Wow I said look at the AT-At / AT-TE topic and you did!
  13. I do too, check my post that was really long ago! I once got 80 kills in an At-At The thing that makes At-Te's not as good is relying on the main gunner in the at-at you only rely on your self which is my kind of vehicle!
  14. The AT-AT rocks And so does the AT-TE They would never fight so lets plz not flame about them any more! Comparing facts is fine and dandy but can we stop the constant arguing that I took part it!
  15. Yes I was angry I edited it out! Every one flames me in this forum just because of a missunderstanding I gotta watch my back or I could easly be banned, Just look at the AT-AT and AT-TE topic! Its always lets flame armydude he's stupid because he is using facts geez!
  16. Repulser packes were in the clone wars! Why would I mention It in the galatic civil war if we are talking about gunships? Anyway I ment in the clonewars clone troopers on gunships had repulser packs, and as Earlier stated no para's or para type thing they ruined air fights in battlefield 1942 and vietnam! And the only reason I keep bringing up the repulser pack is that it is the starwars equivelent of a parashoot! LukeKatarn and Ranre you both mentioned a parashoot equivelt in other games I am just mentioning mine so don't get mad at me! I get angry when people say some thing very similar to mine and just ignor my post!
  17. I aggre everyone just leave the DT alone he is good as he is!!!
  18. Plz read my post on repulser packs! Here it is: Ok enought of that. If you read starwars books and stories, (but because of that future thing I highly doubt) they talk about the repulser packs it is essentailly a jet pack that only has enough power to take you to the ground! (parashoot) Second it was a balance issue in battle field people used to jump out of vehicles right before they blew up or jump out over an enemy base so I think it is better with out! And now i changed my mind about rear gun: "yeah or maybe that you could fire your main weapon form the passenger positsion (your primary weapon depending on wich class you are)" This was posted by arachon Though I still think it is stupid that the rear gun was put there but it cant be used!
  19. The AT-AT Its cannons are way stronger for one, though slow and its armor is far better the rebels were firing anti vehicle turrets at it (dish turret battle of hoth eps. 5) and the coulden't even hurt it! First off to put it in the game they had to WEAKEN it because of huge balance problums! The At-TE was STRENGHED for this game first off it could only carry 20 troops so less of a moble spawn! The At-at however could carry 40 troops with living quarters and speeder bikes, or 2 AT-ST so WTF learn your starwars! AT-AT http://www.starwars.com/databank/vehicle/atat/index.html AT-TE http://www.starwars.com/databank/vehicle/atte/index.html Be sure to read the Expanded universe section 2:atat:
  20. lukeiamyourdad First off BFV AI sucked It was proven by AI enhancing mod makers that The AI in BFV was Worse then the AI in BF1942 which had really crappy AI don't believe me visit http://www.planetbattlefield.com/battlefieldsingleplayer/! browse the Ai editing forum!
  21. In this conversation I aggre compleatly with StarWarsPhreak and Jet Black Got cry don't try to boot the guy in the tank either just stop spawning there or even better spawn anti tanks, in all spawn areas there is cover vehicles can't get to, use it. A few well placed rockets from a guy strafing in and out of cover and the tank is dead, simple. Quoted from Dagobahn Eagle "If spawn time was about 30 seconds," No one would play the game, assaulting teams would always win
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