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  1. Directed to Kurgan I aggre the bots in this are a ton better then in the battlefield games (ever see a fighter ram into the wing of a b17, or run up to a bot on the enemy team shoot him and all he does is turn away from you to shoot some one far away PATHETIC!!!) but the bots in this game are kind of stupid at times for the most part in vehicles but on the ground too (I saw a stormtrooper bot roll of of the edge in the platforms level to get away from a grenade!) "but bots can really help the experience" totally agree (for me human players enhance the fps feel but destroy the starwars feel) I play online when my friends are on but don't really play huge human filled battles because that just screws over the Starwars experiance! "(AI for one - though I do find it moderately challenging on hard)" glad come one else thinks so! "I've been playing them since day 1 on "Medium" rather than Hard. I'll have to try Hard (which is also being improved for the next patch they say), but so far, Medium is pathetic" go to hard it is much better! Edit: AHHH I diden't mean to copy all of it! Ok just look at Kurgan last post (I accidently quoted all of it)
  2. v_munster_v When I bought the game for Xbox and saw that the comp version had patches I too thought I got screwed but don't worry the patches dl automatically so just log on and it should pop up! (but the next patch comming out is going to be much better then the others. It will probably be out this/next week!)
  3. I have been thinking about many things that could be added in an Expanded Universe expansion pack (Could be released for dl on the consols for $ (You know pay to dl))
  4. The furrie animals you were talking about don't fight with there calws because it is dishonerable! TK-8252 wokies woooookies wokekkkes wolkoes wookie Happy Wookiee who the hell cares seriously get a life and don't go around the forum correcting people! your ideas I agree with but you attitude I do not!
  5. Intresting I when me and my friends go on Xbox live we usually do a comp romp with jedi and spend most of our time killing them (i guess Im not the only idout fool enough to take on a jedi as a regular trooper out of grenades!)
  6. Yes yes what would be awsome is if there was a map for historical campaign which was the dark trooper invasion of that first planet you had to go to in dark forces! You would be imp no vehicles on imp side rebles get a tank or two (imps get only two units phase one dark trooper unique unit for map, and phase two duh) but as a hero they get a phase three also unique for map! the bots would mostly pick phase one darks because humans would probably not!
  7. I normally don't play with jedi because the kick the crap out of the bots! but human players just seem to ignore them which is compleatly unstarwarslike if that is a word which it is not!
  8. I see you point man were they awsome in Dark forces! fricken scairy the first time you had to fight one!
  9. Unlimited fuel would compleatly imbalance him!
  10. I compleatly aggre! All I want is that awsome looking gun they had in Dark forces then Im set I also agree he is good If you use him right (which I can't "Im more of destro droid man") he also needs to not have storm trooper hands (in first person) and to have a more robotic voice mabe if I destorter was used "hint,hint" when he gives orders he sounds really bad same, for super battle droid needs to not sound like a If any one cares to know I use the Xbox version so don't suggest mods. I will have to see what the patches and content dls bring Im very impatient
  11. DogGy I never test the gunship with 6 other, are there a lot of functions? Thats really a spoiler! yes multi lazers arachon yeah or maybe that you could fire your main weapon form the passenger positsion (your primary weapon depending on wich class you are) That would be cool because Clones in the movie did this! Ranre However that would be preaty cool and useful to be able to stay on the ship while it was flying. Actually I take back what I said about being able to transport bots can't do it so It would not be too good "damn I cant wait for that but AI update!" Armydude71490 Though I do think you should be able to stay in the repo gunship when it takes off and the sixth seat sould be for that rear gun!!! The gun ship is also missing a few more weapons the side turret gunners are supposed to have 8 light anti inf rockets attached to the wings of the gun ship for each turret! And I still stick with my no parashoots Idea BALANCE ISSUE BIG TIME!
  12. About the planet we are talking about (I meght get fllammed if I speel it wrond) I think that the planet since we all said it had multiple ecosystems that it will have many huge forests and some other costal areas (and to all who says that EU is awsome or whatever EU woulden't be around with out Lucas so WTF are you talking about) So I stand by psych0fred, ki_itick, Alegis, Tie Pilot, RDX1, and any others who think that "the planet" can be however lucas wants it!!! BTW StarWarsPhreak your a jerk and I don't care if you are a moderator!
  13. Not to be rude but hahaahahahahaa the future you are way off! Ok enought of that. If you read starwars books and stories, (but because of that future thing I highly doubt) they talk about the repulser packs it is essentailly a jet pack that only has enough power to take you to the ground! (parashoot) Second it was a balance issue in battle field people used to jump out of vehicles right before they blew up or jump out over an enemy base so I think it is better with out! Though I do think you should be able to stay in the repo gunship when it takes off and the sixth seat sould be for that rear gun!!!
  14. I would love to see editing tools on Xbox that would be awsome! I have never seen that done before so It might be hard to do or just that other game devs are "lazy"!
  15. #2 is the flash speeder (it's naboo) They show it in the movie before the Rebellion on theed level in historical campaign (look close it shows it firing then moving) the reason they were taken out is because if you research the vehicle on the starwars site data bank you would know that it is a crowd control vehicle and not a tank the Gien speeder is a much heavier vehicle so they must have swhiched in production. about the grey sky on Yavin if you look also their is mist and a lower view dist in that level they were going for the hidden jungle/ruins feel for that map for #1 the aat having missles would make it unstopable if you really think about it!!! Also I saw a really good looking sky for the endor map that had the second death star in background but it was taken out!!!http://www.lucasarts.com/games/swbattlefront/ Gallary Pc shot# 7 There were once planes on Kimono (kan't speel lol)http://www.lucasarts.com/games/swbattlefront/ Gallary pc shot # 6 But yea Achillesz7 I like you ideas a night invasion on Ren var would have been very cool!!! they sould include a feature in an up comming patch to change the time of day (night, dawn, day, default, dusk) I have seen this in various other games and it really makes it seem much better. another feature I think would be cool is in the create a server screen if you have any battle's that were from the movies you could select the option "historical on/off" This would make it so it would remove things like dark troopers and wookies from endor and things like no jets on geo, this would bring historical campaign to multi so to say!!! I have the Xbox version so mods are not my answer I guess I will need to wait and see what the content dl's bring! I hate long posts lol!!! Xbox live name: Armydude71490 Can't wait for next patch need non cannon fodder AI! Pho3nix I like your ideas about the clone piolts and Spha-T's but clone piolots should be only animated statics that can be killed but respawn and Spha-T's in background/out of bounds areas firing at sky at the other background ships leaving! I love the power of no lag on Xbox! (I pick a sniper stair at backgrounds and bot battle) but when it gets down to buisness online I'm you man!!!
  16. Will the things addressed in patches for the computer also be adderessed in the Xbox patches? P.S. Glad to see that some game devs are willing to go the extra mile for their console gamers:D Things I would like in a patch! -ability to turn rienforcements on in an online or instant action game -ability to turn advanced training on in an online or instant action game Great game hope the devs keep up the good work!!!
  17. On thing I noticed was that in the movies :atat: 's seemed to move really slow because the kind of went into a shooting stance This was because in that battle the 's were just being field tested obvesiouly the test worked!!! I have found this in fo on the officail starwars site databank so don't say I am lieing! Though 80 kph sounds pritty farfetched 60 is prob better!! But I am used to mph so don't quote me!!!
  18. Yes I just got the patch for my Xbox version so sorry about that! But what does the patch do? The Xbox downloads stuff automatically but doesen't tell what it does so I just thought it was another update for stability! It downloads those alot!
  19. Ok here is what I don't understand! The PC version of this game already has two patches but the console versions have not gotten anything! Why? And don't tell me that you can't download stuff on console versions because I know it can be done!
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