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  1. hi u guys i just wanted to know is there a way that u can live through dismember in ja multi or single. is there any command cheats for ur limb do come of and u still live and fight through it? if so please tell me.
  2. - i think that u should be able to create your own jedi like jedi academy make them black or white and make there cloth and saber color not the character jedi only admins should be the real chracter jedi. - should be able to create your regular person like vietnam:black or white
  3. is there a way that when u kill someone more than one limb can come of like in sp,in mp only one limb comes off at a time,but in sp if u cut them right two arms and a arm and a leg can come off.
  4. i got it to wrk now i cant find the base anymore
  5. somthing like it yea first it said it couldnt find stuff so then i reintalled it then now it freezes at the title screen.
  6. whenever i try and play mp the blue jedi academey screen comes up and just freezes and i cant do anything.the blue start up screen just freezes can someon plz hlp me?
  7. on any new maps like phantom manace nabbo or hoth escape or taspir,r there any multiplayer servers hosing those maps?if not than can i kno wat new maps there hosting?please?thk u.
  8. alegis i have no hoth map in my addon folder so i cant put the map in.r u sure thats how u do it?
  9. can some one plz tell me how to put patches and maps inside battlefront?i dont now how.
  10. when i try and make a skin by making the picture come up on mod view when opening a pk3file,it says ! R_LOADMDXM:MISSING ANIMATION FILE MODELS/PLAYERS/_HUMANOID/_HUMANOID FOR MESH MODEL.GLM AND THEN I DONT KNO WAT TO DO. HLP ME PLZ....
  11. um any one on the forum who can skin plz i need u. i would like a black anakin skin with a glove.hes base on my starwars character gon swinn. black hair brown skin like mace windu and a glove or a mechanical hand.the same anakin outfit but with just the logve and stuff with curly hair.
  12. I heard from a friend at school by the way my school is king drew in compton any who.. my friend said that theres a pod racer mode u unlock... and i want to kno if its true and i want details if it is.
  13. can u get crushed by an:atat: atat walker?
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