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  1. my pal in philidelphia got to play the demo of KOTOR 2 over the weekend. He entered a contest that required a two page typed essay about how much you love games. He got second place out of about 200 entries. The top 3 got to go to a PUBLIC E3 in Newyork only for people who won these contests around the east coast. Apparently they kept it under very good wraps because close to nobody knew about it. E3 rented out a office buliding floor in newyork and set up games there. Mike got to play a very good demo of Halo 2...he said it makes you want to never leave the controler out of your grasp. He got to play some other new demos like Ratchet and Clank Up your arsenal, and KOTOR 2. He said there was about 20 or so games there and he said these were the best choices. LOL he said there was like 3 WW2 games...(that genre is so overplayed). He mostly played Halo 2...but he said the demo of KOTOR 2 was exquisite. He said the fighting was seemless and you can attack multiple people around you with some attacks instead of just one person. The cool thing is that he got to play a completly different demo than the people did at the private E3. He started on Tatooine as a dark jedi master (consular). He said that the new force crush is awesome along with a new addition to consulars. Consulars get MASTER lightsaber throw. He says it goes to multiple people but it hits more times and harder than advanced. Oh and he said that he entered to get a copy of Halo 2 10 buissness days before anyone else....he got 26th place out of 30 in a halo 2 match...He sucks lol. He also tried to KOTOR 2...he had to kill 50 tusken raiders in 10 mins....He said nobody did....everyone...EVERYONE died. LoL it was a joke he says..."You fight like 3 at a time for the first 2 mins while in the dunes like in KOTOR 1 but then OUT OF (explicit) NOWHERE you get attacked by 5 Holy and Elite. LOL even as a jedi master he got schooled. He said that one guy got to the final 8 Raiders but the FInal 8...All come at the same time LOLOLOL. Ouchies. He also said the Consular now looks like they suck with lightsabers...Their attacks are rough and are panicked. Force lightning looks better...in the demo he played one of the tuskens have forcelightning...dont ask me why. Anyways he had a blast....he says if you wish to participate in the public E3 you have to keep a good watch on the papers.
  2. OMG.....I have never been so scared in my entire life. If anyone out there has seen this movie, please post your comments on what I think is the scariest movie I have ever seen..... This movie is VERY good. If it can make my friend mike jump out of his seat...its a freakin scary movie! I think this is the first horror movie to recieve 4 stars since the Excorcist....YOU PEOPLE HAVE TO SEE THIS MOVIE! So tell me your comments on this movie and tell me what scene you think was the scariest....
  3. I like doing these active poll things.....anyway I want to know what kind of lightsaber you would use....and what color...and if you look at my sig, you should understand what kind im leaning toward....Hey just think of it this way. A quadruple lightsaber would be shaped like a "+" correct? So you put your index and middle finger on one side of the top and your other two on the other...and your thumb on one of the bottom sides. Now your thinking.....WTF!!! Yeah thats what everyone says...but here is the deal....you can spin the lightsaber rapidly in either direction and turn it into a sort of buzzsaw or an UBER blaster deflector...IMAGINE LIGHTSABER THROW!!!!! You know what Im making a new class of Jedi.... Introducing.....the Jedi Fortress. Only jedi that can use the quad lightsaber and masters in blocking and lightsaber throwing...In terms of attack power and magic usage he would be more of a guardian than anything else.....just....without the mass killing. He would also have to be versed in the defensive forcepowers. He would defintly have close to no ability to attack people up close except for being able to spin the saber over his head and spin it down into the enemy (only conciveable way of not cutting yourself in half). Think of it...put this guy in the front line and have him use his blaster blocking technique.....AND give him MASTER lightsaber throw where it strikes an enemy up to 5 times and can cut through up to 3 people. Bliss....... Oh and of course the lightsaber would have to be a new color to signify the new class sooo lets say....White.
  4. What do you guys want to see in the upcoming KOTOR 2??? As for me I want to be able to have Lithorians on your team...AND THEY MUST BE JEDI'S!!! HAHAHA what a sight that would be. I have seen the new videos and screen shots and it seems that the graphics seem almost unchanged but im sure the fighting will be smoother...Oh and a rumor i heard...with full two weapon mastery, lightsaber mastery and equiping a double sided lightsaber you can do some CRAZY darth maul moves like STAB PEOPLE BEHIND YOU WITHOUT LOOKING AT EM!!!! (instantly froth's at the mouth) I also heard you can do that double kick move that maul uses. Oh and i heard that you can maybe pick up objects and throw em at your enemies. Who cares about all of that....all i need are Lithorians that can use force storm....
  5. well to include myself i would be a lightside consular. I dont need all those fancy shmancy lightning moves and "kill" moves...psssh. All i need is a lightsaber with advanced throw lightsaber and stasis field,destroy droid and force wave. Sure all of these skills suck, but cmon are you people telling me you would be able to walk up to some cute little doggy, snap your fingers, and choke him to death (ok i would even do this to some dogs but hey...im tryin to make a point here). I JUST CAN'T BE EVIL....WAhhhhhhh:(
  6. If you were to become a jedi, what class would you be...and would you be darkside and let your skin melt...(acne is finally gone at least). Or would you follow the most boring path of the lightside and help poor defenseless peons?
  7. I wanna know which face (when you chose your character) you guys choose. Me?? I choose the white guy with the scar under his right eye. Strangly enough you can find your twin on tatooine in the cantina....is a reunioun in the works??? Or do the programmers need to find more than 20 faces for the game. Oh and im really hoping you can play as an alien this next time. JEDI LITHORIANS ALL THE WAY!!
  8. darkside consular is where its at. FORCE STORM BABY!!! But i would suggest going through the game as a darkside chic (because its soo damn funny to watch people get schooled by a girl) for your first time through. WHO ELSE LOVES SNEAK ATTACK!? Then go for the lightside with the guy with the cornrows. Cmmon the brotha's need love too.
  9. I am new to this place so i have no idea if anyone came up with this idea before me. Im proposing that you make a simple program that initiates when you turn on your console. It pops up for a few seconds as the XBOX,PLAYSTATION,GAMECUBE logo appears. It reminds you of things that you need to do in the future, like a virtual post-it. I know that i forget all the time to do things because im playing games. This would be very helpful especially if you put somthing on there thats important like SAT in 1 week! You insert the disc into the console and when it loads a keyboard comes up on the screen. There you can type in whatever you need to remember, and it pops up when you start the console. To change the message you have to insert the disc again. This disc should go for about $5-8. I know not everyone will buy this but I think that it would sell pretty well considering all the people in this world that have close to no short term memory. So what you guys think. Good idea or Bad?
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