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  1. I would like to see a Rhen Var Harbour, Rhen Var Citadle map merged! That way the imperials or droids would first have to take the harbour and then thay would have to take the citadel! The citadel could connect to the Harbour by a drawbridge or somthing with a freezing river running under it. You could also have gigantic pillars with starships on top that you can only reached by a spiral staircase or somthing. It would give Rhen Var alot more depth. The AT-ATs could bombared the citadel while the stormtroopers took it. Also the Jet Pack Troopers would have a real pupose on this map, flying up to uncaptured parts of teh citadel and making trouble, that way there would be less attention on the Clone Troopers below. They would have to make the Citadel look kinda like a frozen building from Coruscant.
  2. A: It says the rebel soldiers assualt weapon had a charged shot mode=nope. B: It says the rebels get a special "combat sppeder"= not that i've seen. C: The picture for the Gian Speeder is alot different than that of the in-game speeder. D: In the trailer it showed regular stormtroopers on Hoth! E: In the trailer it also showed a first person view of a rebel soldier on Kamino charging up his blaster and firing it killing two stormtroopers, I have two problems with this, 1. you can't be Rebels on Kamino unless you edit hte LVL. files, 2. There's no charged shot mode. F: It says the Gian speeder with the picture of a Naboo speeder a general vehicle, likes its a vehicle in instant action? This is all I can currently think of, if you think of anymore please post them.
  3. Source: http://www.lucasarts.com/games/swbattlefront/ BlasTech DH-17 Blaster Rifle The rebel soldier's main combat weapon has a fully automatic mode, with the ability to switch to a unique charged-shot mode. I guess so. EDJ: What class were you when you killed a stormtrooper with one headshot and what weapon were you using. Alegis and Kurgan: The Imperial and CIS pilots grenade luanchers can be charged too.
  4. Can please specify a path so I can show Cpt. Bannon I really got 100 kills. Because I installed it on a exteral drive, F. I went Mycomputer>WBCcombo(F)>Screenshots, but I didn't find it. BTW: I've gotten in the thirtys on head shots as the Assualt class, 3-4 shots to the head with an assualt rifle or pistols kills a full health target.
  5. I tried to get a screenshot of when I had 100 but I couldn't find anyone to kill to show the stats ingame.(maybe if I had hit TAB it would have shown the stats:rolleyes: ) You can see it was possible for me to get 6 more kills from the screenshot. Anyway I don't consider it important enough to lie about.
  6. I was playing Bespin Platforms as a clone soldier, I kept charging down teh halls averging 10 kills per charge. Well enenteally I win and my stats said kills 100 deaths 10 captures 1, I'm not making this up, I've got a screenshot of when I had 94 kills to prove it. BTW: How do you acces the screenshots you take on SWBF?
  7. That's because the only thing they do well is kill you. But hard is easy, a few minustes ago I won endor on hard 113-0 The bots usually have a set course, like on Kasshyk Docks the at-sts usually go one up the middle, one up the right side, and teh other one up the left side. Bots don't see you unless you're infront of them or you shoot at them, which makes it reallistic because you can sneak past them, on BFV the second you came near a south vietnamese soldier he blew you away, so you usually cant get up close like on battlefront. As long as you are consistently engaged in the battle you will win.
  8. You try waiting behind a crate to do hit and run attack.
  9. The problem with doing hit & run attacks is you usually will only kill 3-6 guys in SWBF, if guys didn't come back after being killed, then yeah sure hit and run attacks would be a good tactic in SWBF, but since they do come back if your playing humans, you'll have to change your spot. I've tried ambushing in Mos Eisley, but I got bored after about the first ten seconds of sitting around.(good ambush spot is crouching behind one of the boxes right behind the corner.)
  10. They still act like officers.(Hiding in vehicles while the infantry get slaughtered.)On the levels where they got the black suits they kinda do look like officers. But the ones like on Hoth don't.
  11. I know that, but SWBF dosen't allow the Rebels to conduct hit and run attacks because if they abandon their CPs the Imps will take them and then the Rebs. will lose. Plus the bots are too dumb to conduct hit run attacks and there is not enough room to do hit and run attacks, the only way you could pull of a hit and run attack in SWBF is if you had an air transport for 6-12 guys fly in, drop them off, when they're done killing everybody pick them up and fly back, or if you had a super huge map with roads that lead to the Rebels CPs and forests around the roads, then you could have a good hit and run attack.
  12. Umm...Dude, no offense, but how do you exploit a bug that kills you?
  13. Rocket splash damage= In the flames when the rocket hits. Rockets can be good if your up close though. The Rebel Speeder needs the extra firepower cause the Imps AT-ATs take 2-4 hits to destroy it. Without the speeder the rebels would have hardly any power as far as ground veichles go.
  14. I know that, I call the Imp Pilots Officers cause they look and act like officers on some levels. BTW: I fixed my post too.
  15. I agree, the kill everything in sight objective gets boring. The Tatooine map was a real let down. On the back of the CD case the screenshot makes the Dune Sea map look really big and long but it's really small. They should put some Jungle levels with lots of trees and undergrowth and small 3 foot trails to all the CPs, or how about no CPs. Endor wasn't that dense as far as Jungles go. They should make it so that the stormtroopers have set patrols, so that the Rebels can actually ambush the Imperials, currently in SWBF the Imperials could just sit around and kill anybody that came near to win. They need atleast one big huge map that combines Urban warfare with jungle warfare, like 1024 by 724 size map. That would give the LAATs a real purpose. LAATs should be able to carry more people too.
  16. I've seen quite a few so I'll only mention one or two. One is watching an Imperial Pilot blasting a poor unsuspecting wall. Another one is on hoth, a snowtrooper ran up to the shield generator, threw a genade at it and the grenade bounced back and killed him. My last one is when I put a time bomb on a turret with a stormtrooper in it, he gunned me down but not before I got to him. He just sat there and watched as the bomb ticked down. Boom!!!
  17. Got a new one today. Was playing Mos Eisley and the score was somthing like 86 imperials, 1 rebels, Single player, I was an Imperial stormtrooper. I came up on the last red arrow on the mini map, it was a wookie holding off about 5,6,7 stormtroopers and doing fine, I'm on a adobe (house) above him, I chuck a grenade in there it bounces off the walls in the 3 foot space lands under the wookie and then boommm!!!, he goes flying 5 feet in the air, then gets up, still alive!!!!!! I chuck another grenade at him and this time he runs, but not fast enough. :D 80+-0:D
  18. On the PC version does the Rebel soldier still have the charged shot mode, or is that only for the console versions?
  19. I think the pilots should get to build a turret anywhere, but only gets to build one. Cause just pushing a button wouldn't make a turret build. No offense GonyJets. But siege units like the ones that shot down the trade Federation starship Ep. 2 could be cool, but they would have to shoot up and make the shot come down. Who needs battering Rams, just fly a X-wing into the gate.
  20. I agree that would be awesome. But if the droid Starfighter could turn into a walking vehicle it would own every land and air unit. They should make some water vehicles, so that troops making the beachhead on kasshyk docks could have some cover fire. They need more units for the Factions too. A new faction would be cool too. A bigggggggg map would be cool too, it would give the Republic transports a real purpose besides air support. An RTS star wars game with graphics like SWBF would be cool, but you can't change a 1st-3rd person shooter into a RTS. Good thoughts. In a space map maybe it could be huge, with like Republic on Kamino and Sepratists on Genosis and make them have to fly transports between miles of space to get at each others CPs on the opposing planet, it would make for some awesome space battles, it would make it more vital that if you got to land your transports on the opposing factions planet you'd have to establish a foothold on the planet or go through space again. Same thing could be done for Rebels vs Empire. Again good thoughts.
  21. As Rebels: Spwan at Echo Base wait for bot to get in a snowspeeder, when one does hop in. Make sure your the pilot (Make sure difficulty is on hard) Make strafing runs, until the AT-ATs get too close then make passes around them until the bot in the co-pilot seat shoots the harpoon, then wrap around(bots do shoot the harpoon).I've won as the Rebels 1 to 0, by saying in my speeder the whole time, I never died and got 83 kills!!!(so what if they were bots, it was on hard) I took down two AT-ATs with a bot Co-Pilot. The imperials had us down 12-1, the imps were coming down from capturing Echo Base, I saw them coming down the hill and I opened up....won 1-0. As Empire: All the Bots naturally focus on the first base on the right of the Imperial spwan point, so capture the CP on the left then get two Stormtroopers to follow you (make sure it's on hard) to the shield generator, go by the gonk, throw concussion grenades at the SG and the bots will too, belive it or not it works real good, cause all the Rebels are focused on the first CP on the right. Then take Echo Base, Go down the Ice Caves, capture the CP called the "controls" then go through the Ice caves to the Last Rebel CP and slaughter them from behind!!!
  22. The campaigns should of had it so that you could go in with an elite team on Endor and take out the shield genorator and when you killed a Imperial he would stay dead, he wouldn't respwan. The gungan shield was kinda cool, but it didn't make a huge difference in gameplay, fighting the wookies was just like IA, they were nothing special. Campaigns are a series of missions that have spesific objectives, not blow everybody away. The only differences between IA and the HCs were the HCs had the Gungan Shield, Battle droid, no dark troopers on Hoth or Endor, and Jedi here and there. It would be cool if they made an expansion pack that allowed you to pick out your team of ten or so, like I want 2 snipers, 4 assault troopers, 3 heavy weapons experts, a pilot, and a unique trooper (Jet Pack trooper, Dark trooper,Droideka, and Wookie smuggler). Or tell your commanders where to attack and where to spop with the mini map, then tak your team in and do your best to make your invasion a succes. If your a sniper you'll pick off maybe 20 guys in a match if your real good but they come back so it dosen't matter, while the assault troopers kill around 50 in a good match.
  23. I got a few more. I was playin Hoth (single player) as the Imperials and I was in an AT-ST protecting an AT-AT, and Luke runs infront of me, I blast him and he goes flyin gets up runs into the path of the AT-AT im protecting and SMASH!!!! The AT-AT smashes Luke into the ground, Then a speeder crashes into my back and I survive. 2 minutes later im in the AT-ST still blastin away at the shield generator, and one of stormtroopers throws a Thermal Detanator at the SG, and it bounces off it explodes and kill the guy who threw it, then I wonder where is the AT-AT I was protecting, then look towards Echo Base and see a speeder wrapping it up, I rush over blow the speeder away just in time. Then I was protecting a pair of AT-ATs next to each other and it took me a few shots but finnaly killed my third speeder in an AT-S.
  24. I think the HC's could have been better cause I finnished them in two days (this could be because I play to much though ). If they had made them longer and less like instant action mode it would have been more interesting. Like stateing certain objectives, on HC's you can win on Endor as the Rebels and not destroy the SG, wasn't thet your objective. On Hoth's HC they could have said hold ther Imperials of for 25 minutes or somthing. On Kamino they could've done protect the cloning facility. On Mos Eisely tehy could've made the Imperials start outside the city and have to blow a wall up with a missle launcher to get in. I mean it's just not like the Rebels opened up the door and said ''Come on in, you get three Control points and we get three so it's fair:D. On Kasshyk Docks level they could have given the team that dosen't tart with the main island a few boats with mounted blasters to give cover fire for the troops, and made the beach longer and bigger. I would like to know if it's just me or if other people think the Historical Campaign could have been better. PS: Could modders find a way to do some of this stuff?
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