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  1. How would they release a patch for the PS2 if the PS2 doesn't normally have a hard drive?
  2. Have you guys seen the Mos Eisley map on the Xbox version? Compared to BF1, the graphics are terrible. Looks like a PS2 version. I guess everyone complained too much about the glow-y, dusty look the BF1 graphics were sporting and the developers took all that out. Well now look what we have.
  3. Well, I assumed that the green/black square icons to the right of the server names indicated how good the ping rate was on a server, but I don't know if green is good or black is good. I assumed green is good but I've not noticed any improvement is green servers compared to black ones. Are there any sites that have instructions or tips for the online play of the xbox version of Battlefront?
  4. I just got a trial version of XboxLive this weekend. Play quite o' bit of Battlefront but noticed a lot of lag. Every couple of minutes the screen would freeze and the ethernet icon would flash for about a minute. When I come back to life, someone's usually shot me. Is this normal for this game (I heard it lags alot) or is there something I can do about? I have the highest speed cable internet offered in our area (768 upstream) with no router, yet.
  5. Hey! Good to see another MacUser here. I don't have this game for my mac but I found this messageboard thread yesterday over at insidemacgames that discusses using pc-made mods on the mac version of battlefront sucessfully: http://www.insidemacgames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=21149&st=20 Let me know if it works for you. If mods really do work on the mac version that might be enough to convince me to buy this game for my mac, I just have it on xbox now.
  6. This will probably hurt Nintendo pretty bad. By the time Z:TP comes out the Xbox360 will be out and there won't be any major releases for the GCN for the holiday. Lots of people were going to be trading in their 'cubes by then anyway, now there'll be more. I'm thinking about it myself.
  7. I'm for sure getting it for my Xbox but probably also for my Mac in the far future (which, BTW, is also not an option on this poll.)
  8. I rented EpIII for Xbox. It was just frustrating. I'm terrible at remembering button combos and such. And I hate games where I die every 2 seconds. The game had a lot of potential, though.
  9. Yeah, the mac version of KOTOR is just now on it's way while the sequel is pretty close to getting here for the consoles and pc. Like I said, I KNOW Galactic Battlegrounds and Everquest are Mac vs. Mac only. But I'm not sure about some of the even newer ones like Battlefield, Halo and such. I can't afford to upgrade my mac anymore so I got an Xbox. But hopefully SWBF will come to the Mac eventually!
  10. I like playing as droids. I think the Super Battle Droid is one of the best units in the game. It's gun shoots super rapid, and grenade laucher is great for when you need a quick kill. It's main problem is that there isn't a back-up to the main gun or the grenade laucher. The droids aren't nearly as agile or acurate as the Clones. But that's the way it should be. They are an army of Jango Fetts, y'know!
  11. Actually alot of the new games that get ported for us MacUsers are Mac vs. Mac online only, for some reason. No play with PC'ers in games like Galactic Battlegrounds and Everquest. I guess the difference between Windows and Mac OS is getting more significant.
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