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  1. Have anyone seen this ? Sorry this is in the wrong place! http://boss.streamos.com/wmedia/interscope/eminem/encore/video/mosh-rev/00_mosh-rev.asx
  2. Thank for helping me. Just to let you know that me and my girl play socom navy seals 1 and 2 with no problems. I use a DSL connection. When I log into my ps#2 I get a message that says, this is the exact message as it says, " could not authenticate user ID and password. Please check your network configuration and try again". I went into my network settings in my Starwars.BF and put in my ID and password and got a message "ERROR A timeout has occurred. Return to the network settings menu". I did not have to do all of this for my PS#1 to play Starwars.BF so I'm really confused right now. If you can help me I'll appreciate it, my girl is giving me hell because she can't play and that sucks! THANK YOU SKEE
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