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  1. Oh, I should have mentioned that I found that too. When I highlighted Phantomchef a message appeared saying "Press [] to boot" (Could have been circle). Anyway I pressed it but nothing happened. I wasn't added to the vote count or anything. Any ideas?
  2. Another troublemaker (Phantomchef) on the server last night and at one point a message came up saying Boot Phantomchef? 2 yes ... - or something like that. I assume that there's some means of voting players off but I couldn't find a way to do it. It seems that this is possible since I assume that someone called the vote in the first place. So, how is this done?
  3. I agree completely. It took three or four rockets to take that AT-ST out. It has to be said though that the explosions in this game are absolutely awesome.
  4. Last night we had a guy on UKGarrison.com_-_Training, I think he was called Boomer. Anyway, very lame tactics used there. He camped beside the single remaining rebel command post waiting for players to respawn then blasted them with his AT-ST. Absolutely nobody could play until this joker was wasted. Oh for a server that you can use to kick individual players!
  5. Excellent guys, thanks. What do you reckon to the donation idea? Worthwhile and reasonable or out of order?
  6. Ah, OK... So if I time it so that I restart when I new map's loaded but miss... would it be acceptable to restart the server anyway so that I can join in? The last thing I want to do is ruin everyone's enjoyment of the game just so I can play but then as you say, I'm providing the server... On another point, I'd like to run the server all night so it can be used if people wish to. Thing is, the cooling I've used is damned noisy (especially the case fan). Money's tight right now (I'm under about 10K of debt right now...) but if I could get quieter cooling I could keep the PC on 24x7x365. Would it be out of order to ask for donations on my website to go towards that fund?
  7. I run my dedicated PS2 server UKGarrisonTrainingGround whenever I can, usually between 6am and 10pm UK time. I've configured it with a max of 6 players due to my only having a 0.5Mb ADSL. Now, if I fancy a game and the server's full what's an acceptable thing to do? I don't want to kick everyone off the server just so I can play... Sorry, new to this and just want to get it right.
  8. While I feel it's lame to reply to my own thread, here goes! UK PS2 players - I'll have a dedicated server running as often as I can. Play at UKGarrison.co.uk_Training Cheers, J.
  9. Maybe it's just me but here in the UK there seems to be a severe drought of PS2 game servers with a decent ping. Anyone else noticed this?
  10. Thanks a lot for the reply, mate. Well, I'm sure the firewall ports are open because I even experimented with opening all ports... Nothing. I guess the answer lies with your reply about the dedicated server. I've been running it on my PC thinking that all and sundry could play on it regardless of platform... I find it really bizarre that multiple platforms can't play against each other... I mean, it's the same gameplay surely? So long as everyone's playing the same game map what's the problem? A weird omission IMHO. Thanks again!
  11. I've been trying to find answers to these, hopefully someone can help. My apologies if these are dumb questions. My XP machine that's running the server has DirectX 9.0 installed. When I start the server running and friends and I try to connect to it over the Internet (I play using a PS2), we can't see the server listed. What am I doing wrong? Also, if I run a dedicated PC server, can players on different gaming platforms use it at the same time? So could some XBox owning friends play online against PC and PS2 players? Thanks!
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