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  1. Off topic here, but still... I'm only 18 years old, and I remember playing the original Dark Forces, must've been about 7 years old, my older brother bought it, he was like 14 or so, it's still fresh in my mind and it was great. Loved that game and made sure I completed it all on hard difficulty. This game got me the most into a game ever, probably part of the 'cause of interest in Star Wars, and computer games (especially first-person shooters). Maybe because I was young but I used to get scared of Dark Troopers (don't get scared by anything these days), especially on the ice level and the Dark Trooper Phase 1 running through the tunnel and you can here it getting closer and closer while you're running lost, then bam! there it is and I'm going "Ahhhh!", firing off all my ammo from good few of my guns, lol, most memorable part of the game. Too scared too re-aim, it wasn't as simple as today; first-person shooters with a keyboard only is not good. I must've played through that game good half dozen times.
  2. Sounds great! Will you be making the changes to previous cutscenes? If you do make the changes, would they be included in the next demo release? Also any idea when that will be released? Can't wait
  3. Did you download the latest (3 level demo) mod download, it's for jedi academy, so are you also playing it in jedi academy? Also, where are you installing it? Give me the directory path of your dark forces mod folder.
  4. Well it is a Jedi Academy mod, so I'd suggest you try it in that first.
  5. Dark Forces Mod wouldn't work in Empires At War. You could try, but it would be messy and not as fun. Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds kinda sucked, because it was basically an Age Of Empires II mod using Star Wars characters, etc. Empire At War is good and is how a Star Wars RTS should've been in the first place, especially being a unique designed game. I'd rather they bring on the next in the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series though If they come out every 5 years, then I say bring on 2007/2008! They could do some nice force powers and general gameplay and graphics with todays technology. I'd like to see more puzzles with a greater variety, most of them so far just require your lightsaber, I'd like to see mind tricks and other methods to help you advance.
  6. The wallpapers are on the website, here's the link: http://darkforces.jediknight.net/wallpapers.shtml You gotta agree its looking awesome.
  7. I'd just like to say "nice wallpapers". I didn't know that the Dark Trooper Phase 1 model had changed so much, it looks awesome now compared with the one in the model screenshots. Who ever modelled it has done really quite an amazing job, and has captured the image of the Dark Trooper Phase 1 very well. It's looking evil for sure, be sending me running in fear again. After seeing the Dianoga wallpaper, I was wondering if you got it to work in-game yet? Yes, I have had my head in a whole since the last update until a few days ago. I'd just like to say that you guys are doing an amazing job of this mod, and I'm very keen and excited to be playing through DarkForces again, have you got any idea when the third demo will be out? No rush though, don't want to break your amazing standard as of so far. I was also wondering if you could get more/updated screenshots of weapons/players/enemies etc as that would also be good to see.
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