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  1. Name on site: Imperial Lupus Name in game :Lupus Platform:pc Position:sniper Contact:AIM: lupus the mighty E-mail: mrmartian@gossimer.net
  2. nvm, Iceman_IX. i read around the forums and found someone with a problem like this, and i tired updating my video drivers and it worked. thatnks for the tips, though
  3. i have this problem on my pc, i downloaded the no-cd crack and it didn't help at all
  4. i have a Dell Dimension 8200, Windows XP, 1893 MHz, 1024 MB RAM, 64 MB NVIDIA GeForce2 MX w/ TV out, and 57166 remaining MB on my hard drive. im not very good w/ computers, and i have absolutley no clue what you mean by the /nomovies thing. i tried closing every other program that was working, and it still does the exact same thing, but it starts to play the intro music. ive contacted tech support, and all they said was press cntrl-alt-del and choose end task for battlefront.exe, the exact same thing it says in the troubleshooting guide
  5. my game always crashes just after getting to the profile selection screen. i have all the updates installed, and my comp meets all the standard requirements for the game. ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game, and ive checked the readme. i tried installing it on my firends comp and it works fine on his. i was wondering if anyone has had this problem and could help me out
  6. on dune sea, i flew up onto one of the rocks w/ a tie fighter. then i accidently fell off the rock, and went plummeting down, smashed into the sandcrawler, bounce off, and then landed next to a pilot, who insisted on giving me ammo
  7. my fav vehicle is the atst. you can rack up a lot of kills with it in almost no time
  8. i was playing as imperials on hoth, and got 52 kills and 0 deaths by being in an atst the whole time
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