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  1. unknown f*ckin' error... edit: 3dgamers works just fine and downloaded within' few minutes.... http://www.3dgamers.com/games/swbattlefront/downloads/ cheers Rends !
  2. sounds like a plan ! as you more or less pointed out: the problem really isn't the jettrooper being too powerfull, but the ppl that simply MUST play it and choose sides in order to do this. (personally i allways take the appointed side) How does [teams - computer select] work?
  3. do you have programs, like deamontools or alcohol 120% installed (CD-player emulators) ? did you change anything about your computer 2 days ago? I'd try re-installing too, just might do the trick. If the CD turns out to be broken (not by your own obvious fault) and they refuse to take it back, blast 'em ! ..gameshop scum..
  4. I've had AI pilots bring me my lunch, when i was hiding out in the hollow log. Don't think they followed me, tho. I play PC , dunno about ps2 .. b.t.w. : have u tried using mines on endor ??
  5. Darth W Bush


    When your walking up to a base, and there's no enemy in sight, move your crosshair across the floor: when it turns red, there's probably a mine. You can use all the weapons (so also nades) to disable them.
  6. .. forgot all about the AT-ST, very effective against those pole-gunners
  7. i have problem's entering the forum occasionally (connection timeout)...
  8. did you click [ACCEPT] after reconfiguring the buttons?
  9. ... or you could just be a soldier and shoot everyone, of course
  10. allrighty then.. REBS: Secure the bunker. Use a lot of mines, this way when a speeder bike comes rushing in ... BOOM!! Take the eastern flank (viaduct), dont bother too much with the open battlefield yet. Man the poles (what are they called?). See to it that you get snipers (maybe vanguard) all the way up the viaduct. Mine it all the way. Once you have this covered start the assault. Take good advantage of your camouflage, don't shoot untill necessary / you have a sure shot. IMPS: Use dark troopers to get on the viaduct . Use speederbikes and try to rush & cap the bunker ASAP.If this doesn't work take the CP located underneath the viaduct. If you're a soldier crouch and prone a lot (white really stands out here). Basically mines and DT's are your best friend here.
  11. can't you just save up some money meanwhile?
  12. I think that's a shame for several reasons. But , again, i'm no developer/publisher.. I've no doubt they will, a good mod is in the interest of everyone. you say that as if the game is dead and buried, is it? . ... hmm..... SW mod?
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