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  1. Well I dont think that its going to be exactly like BF, but the playablity will most likely be the same, just like the last battlefront.
  2. Yeah, im not in support of that idea, but I dont hate it either. It will be intersting by playing as a jedi. But them being too powerful will most likely make an increase of people complaining that the jedis are too powerful. The entire prospect of the thing seems a little whack. But think about it, if a newb player playing and veteren player will most likely die then kill the vet. But I still just dont think having a jedi will completely work with all the people that want to be a regualr clone or soldier in the army.
  3. Well this wont be the first time a game has levels in space. Plus the controls for it are really only one set because the map is 3 deminsional. But I dont beleive the frigets will be pilotable by faction members. There has been talk about non-factional bots in space, and the YT-3000 isnt a rebel nor imperial ship.
  4. Yeah I belive they will keep you character as long as you subscribe or have been on for a long time. That happened to one of my chars but he was completely naked.... But everything loaded up thank god!
  5. Yeah, I thought they'd look like that only because of the popularity in the movies. I'd say the rebel transport would be the corellian corvette, but I dont have any pictures supporting my idea.
  6. Yeah that part was kinda confusing but it did look good. That Jedi part looked like there wasnt any other part to play but them because they are so damned good.
  7. Unfourtunatly that is very true. People usually on the forums take advantage of that way to much. But once or twice a dev might come along and see this, but they might not even be a thought of coming into play. But dont be surprised that if something you suggested is in the game because it can happen.
  8. I scrambled to the transport already making preperations to launch. I saw other carrying crates into it. Again something made the ship jolt violontly. The engines had caught fire, and only god knows what would happen next. I ran up the catwalk leading up into the ship. The pilot and co-pilot were being yelled at by a Lt.Commander. Stormtroopers were loading themselves onto the ship leaving the ones loading the crates on to find another way out. Finnally we were taking off. With enough weapons in the crates to still finish the mission. There were 15 of us on board not including the officers up front. 4 stormies, for turrets to man.
  9. WOW! Now I am truly full filled, that was amazing. Even tho I keep my own maps that I share with friends, that was nothing short of amazing. Both of them.
  10. Yeah, Im was interested at first when I saw it on my launch pad, then as soon as I logged on I hated it so. For the new players it wont be hard for them becase they just have to learn something new, not like me and others who have stayed on the game for more then a year, now we had to learn something new.
  11. I might be getting it. It looks good, and the other instalments they are plugging into it are going to make it fun, and a lag-fest. Recently teamchat was added (It comes with the game) and we all know what that means, lag city. But it does look good and if I do get it im going to be either Chinese sniper, or U.S. Sniper. I have BF 1942 and the sniping was pretty immpresive considing other cames that allow you to snipe.
  12. Name: RK-739 Faction: Imperial Rank: Sergeant I was the first to land with the cargo in a cruiser transport. I held a modified E11 rifle, but none of that would help in space. I walked by the command modual watching them plot and plan until I heard... " Sir! many signatures are closing in on our postition! All of a sudden 3 flashes of light lit of the command modual and caused me to fall.I looked at where the explosion came from and not much of the front of the command modual was left. I got up quickly as I felt air being sucked into the vaccum of space and closed the emegency door. A alert went off as we were hit again. I knew only one thing to do, get off the ship.
  13. Yeah, the clones are a lot more gritty, dark, and just plain cooler. You get the juices of your enemy on your helmet when you stab them, with your KNIFE! They made things more "Gorey" or so to speak. But RC needs to be tweaked in some places, like the some parts of the story line ( .
  14. Its all so very true that the CW series, looked very cheesy but there is really nothing we can do about that. A Anime series seems preaty nice compared to the other let downs we have been exposed to. Really that damned color needs to be fixed big time, I find myself still getting blinded by its chessy effects on my cornia. Anime would make a great impression on everybody who like and dont care for SW. Personally I think its just Euro, and American cartooning that needs to be fixed big time.
  15. Well I think you can take that ship out, I saw it too, but I have no clue what it is either.
  16. What I saw startteled me. Wookiees in the Bulk attacking CIS in the Bulk. Unfourtuatly for the Republic forces there, they were right in the middle. Being crushed in the engadgement. I readied my Rocket Launcher, and aimed. I fired a shot into the frey. Droids flew up in a great explosion, leaving only the parts from the droids to lay. Soon more and more clones began to shoot whatever they had just to keep our forces and the wookiees alive.
  17. Yeah everything anyone would have said would have been said. Not only that but I think that ROTS gets you more of a feel for the actual events that took place in the SW time-line.
  18. Awwwww, dang you dropped Tailor, but I guess everyone is just wondering how im doing (just kidin guys) so Ill post there stats here: Ranre Master Pistol Master Teras Kasi Master Rifle BH 4/3/3/2 Master Rebel Pilot. And I filled up 2 FS slots. Yes im taking my time too. (Trying to finish BH)
  19. I found the picture of a Clone Officer somewhere.
  20. You must be the first person to hate an Xbox I know. I dont see any reason in hating it.
  21. Yeah I might have patience but when it comes to sniping. I tried it once and got sniped ou myself! Well lemme say that was the first time. Now im preaty "in-tune" with my sniping ability, I'd have to say thats my 2nd favorite way to kill bots.
  22. Well if Han could take on 10 of em and shoot them up, its the armor that definatly needs to be fixed. Plus weapons, new levels, and finding Sev. What would also be cool if, you could hunt/fight with Jedi. But mainly armor, if anything that needs to be fixed on regualr clones. They should at least have better armor and not be crying their eyes out.
  23. If a player has one and your in his group, he could let you come along. But when your in space (And this would be preaty nifty for smugglers) you cant board any ships unless it tells you, you have to or can. Otherwise when you go into space, you stay in that ship until you go to the ground.
  24. When I go with a droideka I try to get close to people, catch them with their pants down, or wound them. Its really not that hard to kill with a droideka if you know how to use him. But when you have you shields on your a huge target for all the Arc's out there not to mention the Jet Troopers. Its really just a matter of patience, skill, and good hiding spots
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