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  1. My condolences. Thankfully, though, it's fairly easily treatable. I've been on antidepressants for about a month and it's helped improve my mood. <snipped>
  2. i have defeated darathy and will defeat you

  3. hurr google images


    (props if you can figure the reference out from it and my custom title)rr

  4. challenge challenge challenge

  5. bee i am still awake and on skype

  6. i hate your avatar

  7. given my level of skill such an occurrence is entirely possible!

  8. litofsky i challenge you






    to chess

  9. At level 300 you may as well turn on god mode - unlike in TSL, enemies in KotOR1 don't scale to your level.
  10. Nice job on removing the level cap - I hated hitting a glass ceiling before the game was over. If you uploaded your fix to RapidShare or some other file hosting site I would certainly appreciate it.

  11. Where does LucasArts actually say editing KotOR's .exe is illegal? If this is just a matter of copyright law, we don't have anything to worry about. N** has mentioned the law makes no differentiation between modifying a game's .exe and any of its other files - publicly doing the latter has flown for around 5 years now, so why wouldn't the former? Edit: N** you ninja!
  12. What is Skype, she asks? What is Skype? Harken to me, denizens of LucasForums, and listen well! Come one, come all! Lend me your ears, and listen... I will tell you of the Skype. Skype is an IM client used only by the finest and most elect members of these forums (my own contacts list contains a mere 27... though there are a few more). There we communicate with each other in a number of chats (invitation only, of course) and perpetuate the elitism that runs rampant on these forums. We are the greatest cause of it, in fact (arguably, we may even be its direct cause!). Skype is an experience quite unlike any other. There is truly no explaining it... it cannot be described, only felt. But the impossibility of communicating its exact nature aside... I will assure you that it is incredible. There is no other sensation quite like it. For the curious, Skype is downloadable directly from here. My own Skype name, through which I may be contacted, is emperor_devon. I have tested the mettle of a number of prospective Skypers, and to the worthy I have granted entrance to our public (relatively speaking) chats... but to the unworthy, I say only this: beware. Beware. After all, Skype is wholly and entirely outside the jurisdiction of the LucasForums staff. They hold no authority, no voice, no power, within its demesnes. Newcomers that were found unworthy of entrance have been ruthlessly dealt with and driven away in the past. Take heed from this, prospective Skypers, take heed. Read some of his other posts and you'll change your mind.
  13. Why not? Most penises look about the same. It's not like I don't see my own several times a day anyways (and if my co-workers are girls, bonus). I don't see why there's such a fuss over nudity in America. Those Europeans have got it right.
  14. I remember when LucasArts made stuff I was interested in. Seriously, there's torrents for all their older games. This isn't anything special.
  15. @Pavlos: That's an excellent point. Skill-dependent options shouldn't always have positive results. That nicely allows players to know their PC's skills made option X possible, while maintaining incentive to select skill-independent options - as it should be. The whole point of skills in conversations is to provide additional responses, not inherently better ones. It's important for any creative medium to draw in and elicit emotion from its viewers. 'Immersion' is a buzzword for when this is done successfully in video games. Confusing engagement in a game with inability to distinguish it from reality is silly.
  16. This occurred to me when I was adding skill checks to some dialogues in the original KotOR. Is it better to put [skill X] in front of skill-dependent dialogue options or not? I'm referring to examples such as these: [Computer Use] There isn't a system I can't crack. [Persuade] Are 50 credits enough reason not to call the guards? [Treat Injury] You've been infected with leprosy! On one hand, to some level this breaks immersion. I can't place my finger on exactly how - the mechanics shown above do exist (albeit on a more abstract level) in the game's universe. Some people are more proficient at certain skills than others. These options are also the player's only way of knowing (unless it's particularly obvious or if they've examined the game's dialogue files) that their choice to invest ranks in Skill X gave their PC more things to say. All the same, to some level I think it breaks immersion and encourages meta-gaming. This is especially true for conversation skills. For instance, in NWN2's OC, I was playing a character with 0 ranks in Diplomacy (it's not a class skill for wizards). When I negotiated with the lizardman tribe by Highcliff, having no Diplomacy skill to fall back on, I had to pick my words with care. This was appropriate, as in-game it's supposed to be a tense situation. On a later playthrough as character with full ranks in Diplomacy, I knew I'd be able to resolve the situation peacefully because there was a [Diplomacy] dialogue option. It would be impossible for me not to pass the check. Needless to say, it made the situation less tense (granted, I knew it could be resolved peacefully anyway, but that was only because of a previous playthrough). I think there's a compelling argument for not including [Conversation Skill X] in front of some responses. It makes the player think less carefully about what they say, and causes them to discount responses that aren't skill-dependent*. By that logic, there's also reason not to include [skill Y] in front of other responses. Partly to keep things consistent, and also to stop some skills from having an objective (dis)advantage over others. On the other, labeling skill-based responses allows the player to (directly) see the consequences of choosing to invest in some skills over others. It definitively shows their PC is skilled at something in a way numbers on the character menu can't. For instance, being able to identify an infectious disease (and possibly cure it) in a dialogue is more satisfying than being able to save an extra medpack because of high ranks in Treat Injury. It is to me, anyways. Thoughts? * (I think it would be interesting if high ranks in a skill was to the player's detriment in some cases. For instance, using [Lore] would piss off a farmer that doesn't care for books and fancy learning.)
  17. "The yellow is part of her outfit."


    no i mean the yellow border surrounding her arms not the yellow trim on her clothes


    "If it's grainy, it's probably because the original pic I got it from is probably grainy"


    also no, it's just a bad job of photoshopping by mandalorewhatever


    "I figured you'd be too distracted by the hills and valley to notice. :xp: "


    i have countless valleys and hills saved to my hd, the distraction posed by these was all but negligible in comparison!

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