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  1. i have defeated darathy and will defeat you

  2. hurr google images


    (props if you can figure the reference out from it and my custom title)rr

  3. challenge challenge challenge

  4. bee i am still awake and on skype

  5. i hate your avatar

  6. given my level of skill such an occurrence is entirely possible!

  7. litofsky i challenge you






    to chess

  8. Nice job on removing the level cap - I hated hitting a glass ceiling before the game was over. If you uploaded your fix to RapidShare or some other file hosting site I would certainly appreciate it.

  9. "The yellow is part of her outfit."


    no i mean the yellow border surrounding her arms not the yellow trim on her clothes


    "If it's grainy, it's probably because the original pic I got it from is probably grainy"


    also no, it's just a bad job of photoshopping by mandalorewhatever


    "I figured you'd be too distracted by the hills and valley to notice. :xp: "


    i have countless valleys and hills saved to my hd, the distraction posed by these was all but negligible in comparison!

  10. it still sucks


    the edges are disgustingly grainy and why is there a yellow outline around her arms

  11. i am indeed envious of its grainy outline and the numerous pixels floating off to the side


    (incidentally it literally would've taken a second to remove each of those)

  12. @mandalorewhatever the new avatar you've provided sucks

  13. bee you are on at lame times

  14. christians raped my sister

  15. "My mom makes me go to church"


    you're 28

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