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  1. so is tsl and you weren't afraid of that were you >:+

  2. am loving the blog hall post moar please <3

  3. Now that you've given in there's no going back.

  4. I reject the choice altogether, you should focus exclusively on MotB. You know the OC deserves no attentions. >:|

  5. sam you should have known better to take my advice when not only alcohol was involved but the devil was too


    dun worry you'll look back at it and laugh ^_^

  6. nevalle doesn't deserve to feature in your fics bee he deserves only death and suffering

  7. bob you can smite evil on goblins for so many hit points they fall into negatives and then get knocked back around to positives

  8. Democracy is a craptacular form of government, but the others are even more terrible.


    Props to you and stoffe for the hard work. <3



    aaaallll mmmiiinnnneeeee

  10. And stoffe's test album heartily trumps tk's! :D Don't be unhappy about it tk, it's merely another check in the pwn book you once drew her with. <3


    stoffe is uberhaks!

  11. fp_potter.jpg





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