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  1. This is about a month late, but my inbox is now emptied.

  2. i am glad we had a skyping, but it was far far too brief

  3. litofsky are you defying me

  4. "visiting your Boyfriend would probably be the better option. Being a long-distance from one's friend can make things a bit strenous in a relationship"


    i'm sure you have a lot of experience with those heh


  6. sammy baby please come back to me i won't ever hurt you again honey i promise

  7. i thought you would like some of the posts in this thread




    (props for recognizing the quote in 7)

  8. i miss bee, get on skype and pretend to be her for me

  9. Have you thought about releasing the content that you've already made for your enhancement pack? It would still add a lot to the game as it stands, and I'm sure people would love having it available.


    Nice job on your JE mods, by the way - I just noticed them in the modding thread.

  10. (Read from bottom-most message to top)

  11. Just before the Cosmos was suffocated, I was back in my body, in my mind, before the mirror. I was staring back at myself. The mirror was no longer in use. I scrambled painfully to my feet, noting the taste of blood in my mouth and the stench of my waste. I turned to flee and saw an open, leather bound book on my chair. My handwriting was on those pages, including the words I had thought during my exploration. Words I had never written. With trembling hands, I picked up the book and looked at the cover. In silver were the words The Diary of Drenicus the Wise: The Gates of Hell.


    I tried to throw the book away and found that I could not will myself to do so. I turned back to the mirror and said as defiantly as I could, “No one will believe a word of this.”


    Before I turned around to forever leave, His voice replied, Our sentiments exactly.

  12. Then the head rose from the coils. The last souls were devoured in a final, pitiful shriek of horror. The wounds were gone and the wings unfurled. The great serpent rose from the Pit, exploding from Hell. The pit fiends rose behind it in unison. Gods, angels, mortals: none could withstand the serpent as it encircled Creation.

  13. For what I saw was a great Pit of Flames and Darkness large enough to engulf the Cosmos. At the base of that Pit uncountable pit fiends of the greatest size marched, endlessly emerging from a great pool of flaming blood. Languishing in misery within the pool of flaming blood were the souls of all those damned to Hell. They melted slowly, eternally, screaming and calling out for the gods of light in a place where no such beings could hear them.


    And within that great pool laid a serpent. Its scales were darker than the deepest black, each the size of a single world. Wounds as large as the deepest canyons littered the mass. Tattered, broken wings spread uselessly across the Pit. Blood red eyes glared at me as a forked tongue darted out eagerly. As each soul melted into oblivion, the wounds closed ever so slightly, the wings came closer to restoration.

  14. He peered down on me. Oh, thou wilt testify. All that thou hast seen has been granted to thee through Our explicit will. Did thou think that thy little defenses, this paltry trinket, He motioned at the mirror, could hide thy intrusion from Us? He laughed, a bitter, empty sound that was worse than his voice. The mirror squealed and its frame trembled.


    “No!” I spat. “I will not abide by your wishes!” I called on all my courage, all of my faith at that moment as I tried to rise to my feet. “In the name of the Seven Heavens, I rebuke thee, foul serpent!”


    He lazily inclined His head to one side and I was slammed back down. Even as I cried out from a cracked rib, He leaned forward. Urine raced from my bladder as the impossible occurred! He reached through the mirror and tapped my head with his scepter. I howled as pain like no other ravaged me, blinded me. Yet, in my mind I beheld visions that I only clearly see in the nightmares I continue to have each night to this day.

  15. Pressure forced me from my chair. As I was forced to my knees and hands, bile raced up my throat and tears poured from my eyes in rage and humiliation. And fear. I supplicated myself before Him, kissed the floor before His feet. Although nothing touched me, my chin was lifted to behold Him again. A voice, colder, deeper and darker than any I had ever heard and ever will, burned in my mind. I whimpered at the violation, the intrusion at the contact.


    So, thou hast peered beyond the Gates of Hell. His lips did not move. Or perhaps they did. To this day, I cannot tell.


    I nodded.


    Was it worth it?


    I shook my head as what I though was tears and snot leak from my eyes and ears. I would later learn it was my blood. “No, I will never say what I have learned here today!” I tried to bite my tongue but the honorific was still wrenched from my throat, “My Lord and Master.”

  16. The small amount of exposed flesh was flawless, like the purest marble. His attire was like the robes and cloaks of a holy high priest, both regal yet simple in its austerity. It did not seem woven from any fabric in this or any other world, but spun from the blackness of the Cosmos itself. In the long fingers that rested in his lap He held a ruby scepter, its head an onyx pentagram. No crown obscured the black hair that was slicked back above the noble forehead. While the square jaw was clean, the firm mouth and full lips were framed by trimmed moustache and goatee. For all of this, what I remember more than anything were the eyes. They were large under the heavy brow. Completely red, like blood, those glowing eyes gazed at me. Through me. Into and beyond my soul. They devoured everything I ever was and could be. Despite the pleasant smile on His face, those eyes told me I was less than nothing, an object to be used and discarded as necessary.

  17. I suddenly realized that I was no longer watching the Procession. The Serpent’s Throne filled the mirror, a great hooded viper of lustrous ruby that slithered about its own coils. Darkness unfathomable surrounded this throne. Yet, a deeper darkness was hidden within. Then, I saw him. Or rather, I saw Him. Seated upon the Serpent’s Throne He looked at me. He looked at me as I sat in what I thought was safety!

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