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  1. mimartin ban anyone who disagrees with what i think

  2. The Starlight Entertainers recruiter in the Lower City cantina would make a good replacement. He uses the same appearance as at least several other NPCs in the area, and has enough dialogue to give the Chandra-fan some decent screen time.


    The droid store owner on Dantooine would also be good. Craatis Yurkal had a lot more dialogue (and better inventory) than he did, which made him seem like a pretty boring NPC in comparison. Making him a less common alien would alleviate that.


    Either of the angry Duros (the ones complaining about Czerka and Helena) on Tatooine would also work. They both have similar dialogue (and identical appearances) but were supposed to be different NPCs.


    Lastly, the Rodian pazaak (sp) player in Dreshdae would also be fitting. That area already has two other Rodians with large amounts of dialogue, and doesn't feel very diverse (Mika Dorin could be replaced instead, though it would take a while to change all the VOs in his dialogue).

  3. use that new laptop of yours to go on skype bee

  4. Glad to hear that you might release it. Good luck with smoothing out those models.

  5. Have you thought of releasing the edits that were in your Battle of Telos vid? They're a marked improvement over what's normally in the game (I particularly liked the frigate outside the window by Carth), and I'm sure other people would feel the same way.

  6. bbbeeee wwhhheerrree arreee yooouuuuu

  7. if you're still deciding tk i'd recommend mass effect. it's got a great cinematic atmosphere and a pretty engaging plot, tho the characters are underdeveloped and the loot is unbalanced as hell. i'd give it an 8/10

  8. i'm likin the new avatar, anna! it really suits you

  9. why avery welcome back

  10. i love you too


    (you prolly didn't catch this on skype)

  11. that is a damn impressive collection of internet scars you have there jmac

  12. "good lawful"


    you ****ing moron q

  13. waaaaaaaaat i have done nothing to you on skype!

  14. tk i approve of your current game

  15. she doesn't like you, nobody does

  16. never mind that message actually wasn't delivered on skype >_>

  17. enable comments on your blogs, damn you



  20. So long as you play A Dance With Rogues! I replayed it last week and it was tons of fun, enough to make me go by on 2-3 hours of sleep or a couple nights.

  21. then come on to skype without being emo! i have not seen you in eons! D:

  22. do it on skype then, damn you

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