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  1. Then Jedi/Sith should be prestige classes - earned after getting experience.
  2. More interesting is if non-jedi can become jedi?
  3. 1. Mission 2. Mission 3. Mission . . . . . 10. Guess who?
  4. I would prepare some ancient surprise for this punk. Maybe he can stop blaster bolts but no Jedi can stop devastating bullet from old good Magnum .44
  5. http://www.sequentialpictures.com/moviestarwarsepisode3.html This is good, veeery good
  6. I would become Jolee's padawan. Away from light or dark side, it's my way. Maybe start my own Gray Jedi Order? And i would wait for Mission Vao to be 18 and marry her
  7. http://grumpygamer.com/media/SW_ep3_trailer_captioned.wmv Enjoy
  8. I changed Kreia model via KSE to be DS all the time (black clothes).
  9. I miss Jolee. There is nobody who could be compared to him in K2. Lack of JB is a wound in TSL. A wound that is death to The Force... blah, what i'm talking about? I agree Goto is interesting character. I underestimated him for the first time. He has good personal story and some interesting knowledge about Revan.
  10. Originally posted by Achilles But, Bastila looks great to me in her skin-tight clothes Mira is very nice girl but she doesn't like older guys. Winner: who is "completely and utterly yours"? Give Juhani a mask and she looks quite good with her tiger skin I agree there is more half-naked chicks in TSL but somehow, they look strange to me. Like Barbie dolls with their exaggerated, too thin waist. For me, Bastilla with full wear is more sexy than naked Handmaiden. I think the same about most of PC models. They were better in K1. I liked Yuthura story. She was quite deep character. Twin Suns are looking great but they die (twice...) and that's all.
  11. I finished K2 three times. Now I'm trying to get through K1 again. I was a little surprised when I found that I like K1 models more. They are somehow nicer, moving more smoothly and women model ale MUCH more sexy. Is it my imagination or maybe someone has similar feelings? One thing I know for sure - there is no person in K2 that I could really love or hate (maybe except T3 and HK). Compared to K1 they are all boring and flat. I'm very happy to have little Mission and big Z in my group again. I'm even happy to meet this annoying having-problem-with-his-personality meatbag called Carth. It's clear for me now that K1 is far better game than K2
  12. And what chances those little Jedi bastards had against Sion and Nihlus if they couldn't stand against Kreia? They were arrogant and overconfident. Blah. Jolee should be in the Council, he would teach them some sense of humor at least. It's good I've set new Jedi order with my new padawans. At least Atton and Mira have some real life experience. Not only books, Jedi Code and too much self-satisfaction. It's sad that 4000 years after that Jedi make the same mistake again
  13. That moment was amazing, made something strange with my heart The first and last time when we can see "true Kreia" and feel sympaty for her. Magic moment, worth to be remembered
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