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  1. I used Canderous the first time...if I remember correctly.
  2. guys, I was kinda hoping to start you guys off. But, I guess this is ok. I will post tomorrow.
  3. Cool! Make sure you tell your friends to join!
  4. Yeah, I don't know how to do any of this stuff. Is there any like, guid anywhere?
  5. hello, I am new to this system of RPing, but I am an experienced RPer. Would anyone like to do battle? darth_nemisis
  6. Name: Darth Nemisis Age: 29 Alignment: Sith Ranking: Knight Lightsaber: Two red lightsabers that can conjoin into a double blade. Force Powers: Basic, Force Lightning, Force Choke, Force Crush, Drain Life. darth_nemisis
  7. Here is my character: Name: Darth Vader Gender: Male Age: 40's Species: Human Homworld: Tatooine Affliation: Empire Rank: Emporer Physical Appearance: Severly burned, and scarred Personality: mean, aggressive, professional, dedicated Weapon: one red lightsaber Secondary weapon: The dark side of the force Starship: Executor, TIE Advanced, The Death Star Death Star Force Sensitive: Yes Bio: Darth Vader was born as Anakin Skywalker on Tatooine to Shmi Skywalker. He was a slave to Watto. He was freed when two jedi came. He later became the apprentice of Obi-Wan kenobi. During the Clone Wars, he fell in love with the senator from Naboo, Padme Amidalla, and they secretly married. Anakin was not only filled with love, he was also filled with anger and hate because of his mothers death. Towards the end of the Clone Wars, Anakin alligned himself with Supreme Chancellor Palpetine who later revealed himself as Darth Sidious. Anakin goave his loyalty to Palpetine and later fought his master, Obi-Wan. During the battle, Anakin fell into a lava pit and was thought to be dead. Palpetine saved him and Anakin was forced to wear a black mechanical suit, that helps him breath. It was then that he ceased to be Anakin Skywalker and became Darth Vader. During the early years of the Empire, Vader hunted down and killed all the jedi, except for two, Jedi Master Yoda and Jedi Master Obi-Wan. Yoda went into hiding on dagobah, and Obi-Wan went into hiding on Tatooine to watch over Vaders newborn son, Luke Skywalker. About sixteen years later, the first Death Star was construced and struck fear throughout the galaxy. During the battle of Yavin, Vader went out in the new TIE Advanced and started to turn the tide of the battle, until Han Solo came and shot him down. The Death Star soon got blown up causing the first loss of the Empire. Three years later, the Rebel Alliances new base was found on Hoth. The Empire decided to use their new AT-ATs and AT-STs to win the battle. The Rebels fleed and Vader found the Millenium Falcon on the planet of Bespin, where he froze Han Solo in a block of carbonite. It was there where he fought his son and turned him to the dark side. After two years of training, Darth Vader came out and told of his new apprentice. Together, they killed Vaders old master in Palpetines palace on coruscant. Now, Vader is the Emperor and Luke is his apprentice. They have constucted a new Death Star, and are hunting the rebellion down, trying to wipe them from the face of the galaxy.
  8. Hello, this is my first RPG on this board. I have tried this RPG on another board and it was quite successful. Here we go: This is an alternate version of Star Wars, after Empire Stikes back. After Darth Vader cut off Luke Skywalkers hand, he offered Luke to join him. Luke saw that he had no other choice, so he joined his father, leaving his friends of the rebellion to believe he is dead. Vader kept his new apprentice a secret from his master, Emporer Palpetine, and trained Luke in the ways of the dark side. After two years of training, Darth Vader announced his new padawan, and together, they killed Palpetine. Little do they know, Palpetine has clones on an unknown planet, and he is staging a comeback. Meanwhile, the Rebel Alliance staged a rescue mission to unfreeze Han Solo from carbonite. They rescued him with minor losses and are now stationed on the planet of Pzob, where their new Rebel base is located. The Empire, and it's new leader, have recently finished the construction of the second Death Star. With this new, larger, more powerful superweapon, they have been hunting the rebellion tirelessly. With Luke Skywalker on the Empires side, there is one last hope for the Rebellion, Leia Organa. Will the rebellion be crushed, or will they percieve and beat the Empire once and for all? Here is the Character Sheet: Name: Gender: Age: Species: (Be diverse please) Homworld: Affliation: (Rebellion, Empire, Neutral) Rank: Physical Appearance: Personality: Weapon: Secondary weapon: Starship: Force Sensitive: Bio: (please take your time to write this) Rules: 1. NO GOD-MODING!!! 2. Be realistic. This is a serious RPG! I will be Darth Vader, and Emporer Palpetine. You may have three characters, and you can control your own NPC's. You can be whoever you want, but we need the people of the rebellion (Han Solo, Leia, Chewie, etc.) Please join, and Have fun!!! darth_nemisis
  9. Thanks! Is that the RPG that has the like stats with money and stuff? Do you know what Iam talking about? darth_nemisis
  10. I voted 5 just cause I don't like how the words are scrunched in the corner. And I have been to better. darth_nemisis
  11. I picked Carth. I know he was kind of a pansy and stuff, but I liked him. darth_nemisis
  12. I am definatly on the Dark Side! Because it has the cool powers, no limitations, and you can shoot lightning out of your hands! Now that is awesome. And I like black and red and Sith happen to have a lot of black and red. darth_nemisis
  13. I can't wait for this to come out!!! darth_nemisis
  14. I am definatly a Guardian. I like to be a lightsaber person. In the new one, I will be a Sith Lord or Dark Side Marauder! darth_nemisis
  15. IMO, I think this would be a good match, but I think Vader would come out on top. The reason is because he is Darth Vader, the chosen one. He was conceived by the Force, and is the dark Lord of the Sith! I know he wears a heavy black suit, but that would make him faster cause he along with the suit, he had implants that would make him faster. So, I give it to Vader. darth_nemisis
  16. Hello, I need help on how to start doing an RPG. Can someone help? darth_nemisis
  17. Thanks for the info guys! I appreciate it! <<<Thats awesome! darth_nemisis
  18. Thanks guys! I apreciate your help! and h*ll is hot this time of year. I have another question...How do I get the bantha fodder off my name and get something cool, like Sith Lord or something? darth_nemisis
  19. Sorry if this doesn't belong here. I am new here and seen all the cool avatars that move, and all the sig that have moving things in them. Could someone tell me how to do that? darth_nemisis
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