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  1. Could someone help me to get a Swedish flag in the background of my av?
  2. Lol, awesomeness. Bongo, you should have wached "PSP Sucks" right after "DS Sucks". Uhhhh my computers not working!
  3. Happy Birthdays and anniversary.
  4. I really don't see the point of people getting all hung up over screw ups. I'd only get concerned if my money was involved.
  5. I like the Halo sereis just as much as the next guy, and it's a good game, but it is incredibly overrated.
  6. I hope the family wins. It still won't get that kid his mom back though...
  7. ^ Yeah so.......anyway, how have you all been doing? Reading this article maks me dislike the U.S. politicians even more.
  8. OH YES!!!! We got you back for 95. It was a close game though. I thought Russia was going to win the bronze.
  9. .......I've thought about it and it just makes me sick. I am glad he was arrested. So, I'm guessing the rape he commited was with a little boy?
  10. Well since I was only 5 or 6 at that time, that is probably why I don't remember this. Are you sure it even happened?
  11. Some dudes broke into our high school and took bats to a lot of windows, then one day the computer lab on the main campus had a fire/explosion in it. And there was a bomb threat, oh and also when that guy was killing people with the sniper rifle years ago, our school was near the area it was happening and someone put a note on the school or somewhere saying "your schools are not safe" or something. That's about it for my school area.
  12. You BSed a lot. It is simple. If you don't mind paying monthly fees, get WoW. I you do get GW.
  13. I....didn't really understand Majoras Mask. I should probably try it again now that I'm older and can read bigger words!
  14. I'm surprised no pot dealers have been caught doing this. Maybe they are a tad bit smarter. There's some pretty interesting conversations between the stoners on my bus.
  15. Welcome back. I like your avatar. GTA: Libert City Stories and maybe The Sims 2.
  16. R.I.P. The best of our race are disappearing.
  17. Happy New Years LucasForums. Do any of you know which calender they use? I'm just curious.
  18. I am against all these redesigns. I will get the new DS only because I currently don't have one, but I hate it when you get something and then the company redesigns it making it better.
  19. If they had stuff from rotten.com on TV then Television as we know it would be changed forever. Which isn't actually a bad thing, but not too good either.
  20. “EBAUM’S WORLD is everything that late-night television should be,” said Andreae. “It’s exciting, hip, irreverent, funny and completely unpredictable. The impact will be phenomenal and will add some real sizzle to late-night programming.” LOL. I hope the show wil crash and burn.
  21. I'm for it, if someone doesn't start showing this forum some love.
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