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  1. No offense but I couldn't keep up with the story. Maybe it's just me but I had no clue what was going on. Other than that it seems pretty good I guess.
  2. ( I edited some of the older posts I am NOT editing any old posts in this thread anymore.)
  3. He wasn't as annoying in Space Jam.
  4. He just gets on my nerves. I wished the carrot would explode when he chewed it or that Elmer would actualy get him.
  5. Bugs Bunny a good toon?! And nice avatar by the way. Green Day ROCKS!
  6. Isn't Kentucky full of hicks/rednecks?
  7. (Read my mind. He will try to help them with their wounds. Why a early viking would be doing this I have no clue, but I am thinking he will get caught trying this and be enslaved as well.)
  8. The Padawan laughs hysterically at Curt-Man. Then gets another drink.
  9. (So how do you play this thing?)
  10. What about when they stole the balloons on free day.
  11. Like the pokemon and yugio stuff?
  12. Why is everyone feeling drowsy? And I was asking if you were sure wookie is spelled wookiee. WAIT! Something says I should use google. You happy now Sith?
  13. Oh well I must have lost the EXACT topic with all the arguements.
  14. Most questions google CAN answer. What is wrong with asking Star Wars people how to spell a Star Wars name? Or wait I should ask google that question too eh?
  15. "Yes I was so frightened." said the Padawan sarcastically. "And you should listen to the lady. 'Violence' and romance do not go well together."
  16. Who said it was ever fun? OK. We are going off topic. I don't really think that the creator of FF is going to make a lot of GOOD games of FF for the XBox. Oh I was being tested? Now I feel like a lab animal
  17. Yes I can. Can you recognize going along with sarcasm?
  18. ( OK. I fixed my character so its more real.)
  19. Yea well a robot chick is almost like an animal chik or something around there.
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