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  1. I would actually find that humorous. If I was still allowed to find things humorous. That might go away with Fun.
  2. There's these questions that I've wanted to ask for a while. I think now is the time to ask them. What is so special about the number 42? and What the **** is your avatar of?
  3. Does it need to? Really? I mean, look at poor Fealiks over there.
  4. If Jedi Academy servers are still up, I'd be willing to play. Hell yes. Um, I'm not addicted to much these days. Music Texting Hockey
  5. I don't think that I could become or even deal with being a moderator. I just don't think it's in me. I enjoy being the commonfolk.
  6. Oh, I just remembered! The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. I've actually been looking for a good picture of Flapjack to use as a avatar.
  7. Could your ePenis possibly get any bigger?
  8. I've watched most of the shows mentioned. They all seem to be pretty good, but I never watch TV on a regular basis, so I don't keep track of them. I usually watch [adult swim] on most nights and sometimes the History Channel. The last show I actually followed was Metalocalypse, but I don't even know when that's on anymore. And I watched about 5 episodes of Chuck. I thought Death Note was pretty good. There's my picks.
  9. Jordans?! I became less interested.
  10. People can have their own opinions. Although I will admit that it does seem rather unproffessional. I prefer news/media that is generally neutral. Of course this may be near impossible because everyone has their own biases. Just out of curiousity, what is the dangerous situation this country is in right now? From your perspective.
  11. Isn't there a thread about that in the Swamp? Edit: After reading that, it seemed to have a jerk tone to it. That wasn't intended.
  12. Ah. Did you get to see it in person?
  13. Where was that giant snowball?
  14. C'mon, you don't think I've got enough pressure on me as it is?
  15. Oh, don't worry. I'm working to eradicate a lot the human population. Soon there will be so few of us that everything we know will be true. And then we will start from square one and work our way back to where we are now and even further up the road. And just for some irony and ****s and giggles, this will take place in 2012.
  16. I hope that they keep the Republic and the Sith empire as factions, but also let you choose to be neutral. Because in Star Wars, just like in life, there is always more than two sides. And if I play this, I will be siding with the Jedi.
  17. Media can be good or bad. It can have positive and negative efffects. Personally, I don't watch FOX because I think it is way too biased towards viewpoints I don't agree with. I'm not saying being biased is bad, as long as they don't say anything that is false.
  18. I don't see anything wrong with being "right wing". I'd actually commend him for sticking up for what he believes because it seems pretty obvious that he's outnumbered.
  19. Ray Jones, aye I do approve. Volar, I think people are pushing so hard because they believe it is wrong. Just like the African American population of the U.S. pushed hard to have equal rights. I don't think we are trying to redefine marriage, but you do realize marriage as a whole seems to be different to every person, culture, nation and belief. So, from my perspective, you can't redefine a term that is different depending on where you are. As a religious term, no I don't want to redefine their marriage. I think they should continue to do what they believe. But as a legal term, I think that needs to be redefined for the U.S. I personally have no intentions of getting married at this moment. To me, simply being in a nice long relationship with a woman is enough. I can do this and still have the right to marry at anytime. A lot of the homosexual population in the U.S. is doing this and cannot get married. Do you honestly believe this is right?
  20. Well, Dagobahn. I can tell you exactly why you "Norsemen" have those problems. Norway is a strange and backwards, although beautiful land. On topic, I agree with you. I think if creationism were to be taught then they cover all of it. The Norse, Greek, Native American myths and legends and so on. I just think it'd be a fun class to take. Like Sociology. I'm also going to have to say that I disagree that evolution is being censored. You could be right, maybe we are all being fooled, but at this point in time I disagree with that statement. One thing about science is that it's always changing. It changes according to new discoveries. The atom wasn't even thought to exist before it was discovered.
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