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  1. Really? Why not. I bet its because with the computer you put the map in one of the game folders right?
  2. Well I do agree with Saturday morning cartoons or whatever. They all suck now. During the summertime when there is no school and if you don't have a job then you could stay up late and watch the good stuff. BUT BE WARNED KIDDIES IF YOU GO TO THE WRONG CHANNELS YOU WILL SEE SOME VERY WRONG STUFF!
  3. Well you need internet to get the patches and new maps. And the PS2 and XBox versions of the game go online as well.
  4. Well is there a problem with late night?
  5. TV is fun now. Wait I only watch it when there is nothing else to do, but it is still fun. Like late at night on Cartoon Network Adult Swim comes on showing some funny cartoons like Aqua Teen Hunger FORCE or action ones like....uh I'm not so sure about action but theres cool anime shows like Inu-Yasha and Ghost In The Shell. (waits for all the people to disagree)
  6. How come in all the forums everyone is talking about the PC version of Battlefront and never the PS2 or XBox version?
  7. Jabba and the Rancor? I haven't seen them before. And no you can't kill the Sarlac but I do think you can block it. Just park a lot of vehicles in it. A LOT OF VEHICLES.
  8. I want to battle someone. I am level 1.
  9. I am going to say Battlefront beause I am tired of being a jedi chopping up droids or whatever.
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