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  1. Unfortunatley, I still play WoW. It's getting pretty boring though. Especially with a lot of real life friends quitting. Tabula Rasa is fun, maybe I'll waste my life there next.
  2. Those views are 100% anything. There are radicals and extremists in every religion and every beleif. Again, with the people who try and say that a god does not exist and work towards proving it. This being, fictional or not gives people faith and hope. Why would someone want to take that away from someone else?
  3. Yeah, me too. Go back to Ye Olde Harbour!
  4. I was raised in the Roman Catholic faith. I drifted away from them after my confirmation. I may go back to the church or I might just keep going the way I am now. Yeah, I think waiting for them to be old enough to comprehend, understand and ask questions about what they are learning is also another good way. Lucky for me I've got at least three to five years to think about it.
  5. Those are some very good points you have there. I strongly agree with the not threatening of hell. That's one thing that made me turn away from Christianity. It seems to be based too much on guilt and fear. If you look at it from another perspective, the concept of heaven and hell is too black and white. If God is all knowing and understanding then he would be able to understand why certain people just can't beleive in his existence and why people have broken commandments for a specific cause. Such as a poor man stealing food for his family. I guess what I'll do is teach my children about all of the different religions, beleifs and philosophies and then let them decide for themselves.
  6. Ah, you are right. I tried to convert my father a very long time ago. I do no such thing to anyone anymore. I don't know how to identify those who "have no religion." I just remember a while back some kids on my bus were debating religions and when someone asked this one boy what he beleived he said "I don't know. I haven't thought about it much." I guess the only way those who try to convert people would know would be by talking to people. I do agree that most human beings would not be as enlightened. Sorry, I don't have a more definitive answer about the parents. Maybe one day when I have my own children and if you're still around here, I will have a better answer.
  7. I agree with a lot of what you have said. You still don't seem to be understanding what I said about converting though. I do not think that anyone should try and convert Atheists because I view Atheism as a religion. The person has chosen to beleive in no God or gods and they don't need anyone coming up to them and saying "Do you accept Jesus Christ as your savior?" I was saying that I wouldn't see it as wrong to try and convert someone who has no beleif at all. As in someone who has never really given religion much of a thought. That way they can take what they hear and do as they wish with it. It may lead them into following that religion or into researching others. I would not know about converting non-christians because I do not do it. I also don't think I would approve of Christians coming up to me and trying to convert me. I respect what they beleive and all I ask is that they respect what I beleive. If I did try to convert and or educate people on a religion then I think I would try to cover Mormonism, Scientology, fairies etc. The parents raising their children is tricky. I would say that I am partially thankful for being raised Catholic because it lead me to research other beleifs, to keep an open mind and to learn more. I try to keep an open mind on that what I beleive may or may not be wrong.
  8. I agree, but it wasn't contradictory to me. That's why I tried to put it in better words. He didn't argue the side, he just called it contradictory, so I tried to clear things up. I hope it makes more sense now.
  9. Okay, here we go. Thanks leXX and BongoBob. Sorry I don't know hoqw to scale it down. -_- I also got this about three months ago.
  10. I don't want to get on your bad side or anything, but it appears to me that you simply wrote off some of the things I said by calling them contradictory. I will admit that I could have worded them better. I will do that now. Religion is in it's own sense a form of education. It is certainly biased and is quite possibly wrong. I would not see the harm in educating someone who has no knowledge of the subject as long as you educate them beyond what you beleive. I wouldn't say it is wrong for a Christian, Muslim or Jew to try and convert someone who has no knowledge of the issue, but they also should give the other religions and ideas a fair chance and thus allowing the person to make his or her own decision on what they beleive. Of course most people probably could not educate this said person beyond what they beleive because of lack of knowledge and understanding. You are correct that the people can still vote towards their religious beleifs, but what are you trying to prove? Disproving a religion will stop this? No, that won't work. They just need to be educated of the others perspectives and keep open minds. My mother is a hardcore devout Catholic woman. I really dislike this. I have gotten in numerous arguements with her about other religions and ideas. She is very conservative and is against abortion basically just because her church is. People need to be educated from all perspectives and all the different viewpoints, so that they can decide for themselves.
  11. Anything anywhere is always going to have an impact on others. What you need to ask yourself is "Is this impact negative?" In a way voting could be considered forcing beleifs upon others, but you are trying to tie religion with politics. There is a separation of Church and State which must be recognized. Vote against abortion if you feel it is truly murder, morally wrong and all those other arguements, not because your church told you it is wrong. I didn't state that it was okay to want to convert those without a religious beleif. Just that I don't find it that wrong to convert those who have NO BELEIF. I think education is sacred and some is better than none, even if it is possibly wrong and biased. For me having some education eventually led me into researching other religions. I may not beleive those religions, but I still like to understand them and know why they beleive what they do. I didn't mean that it is okay to convert those who do not beleive in a God or gods. Them not beleiving in a God or gods is their beleif right there. That there is no God. I don't think that some Christian, Muslim or Jew should come up to you and try to change your views and I don't think that you should do it to others. Just to avoid any miscommunication, I am not saying that you do in fact try and change others views.
  12. That is so ****ing awesome! The book is too. I recently got some new goaltender pads. I don't know how to put pictures up here though.
  13. Bleh, religious debates. What I really don't get is, why are a lot of Atheists dead set on proving religions(mostly from what I've seen Christianity) wrong? As long as the religion is not being forced on them, then leave it alone. My opinion is the same towards Christians and people of other religions. Beleive what you want to beleive, but do NOT force it on anyone that does not want it. I was raised Roman Catholic. In the Catholic faith you are somewhat supposed to convert others in order to "save them." Now I can understand this a bit. I could understand converting a person who has no faith and is not sure of what they beleive in. However, when you try to convert people who already beleive something different, that's where you should stop. When I was younger I would try to convert my father, who is an Atheist. Now that my ideas have changed my father and I can have simple discussions about religion. We both beleive that people should beleive whatever they want to beleive and as long as it doesn't harm anyone else then it's fine. After my confirmation in the Catholic church, I started to not beleive in it. I thought the whole concept of one God wasn't quite right for an entire universe. In a way, I became a Pagan and then an Atheist. I do beleive that Jesus existed. I also beleive that Muhammad and Buddha existed. Beleive what you want to beleive, but mostly try to keep it to yourself. There is no reason in trying to prove someone's religion wrong or right. Also, I thought that video was just stupid. I've heard better arguements.
  14. That's awesome. I want to se one of Iron Man dancing now.
  15. Is there a way to improve the quality? I mean, it's not bad and I don't think I could even make one of these, but you can improve it right?
  16. Spider-Man wins. That video wasn't bad and I still want to start something.
  17. There should definatley be something with lightsabers. Like virtual reality lightsabers. Or if they really wanted to make a a lot of money and possibly destroy the human race, have a Warcraft thing. Hey, leXX just out of curiousity, are you and/or your children of Indian descent?
  18. I want to start something. No joke.
  19. I watched Beast Wars when I was younger, I even had a lot of the toys. I also saw some bad remakes of Transformers on Cartoon Network. The movie was great.
  20. I never played the first one, always wanted to though. I'll probably try this one out.
  21. It's all wrong. Ragnarok is supposed to happen in 2012! That video was interesting. I thought it was too one-sided, like that "Root of all Evil" video. I don't know when the world will end and I don't really care. In 2012 I will either be 21 or 22 depending on the month. That's long enough for a fulfilling life, eh?
  22. I remember you. I never knew you left though because I left too. Your job sounds pretty cool.
  23. ^ Agreed Other than that, just anything country and most/if not all rap/hip hop for me.
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