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  1. This brings back bad Barrens memories. Also, leXX, have you heard the song about the cake being a lie?
  2. HAI GUYZ WUTS GOIN ON IN HEAR?!?! How is everyone?
  3. It's a good opportunity for them to study the human body. Unless the bodies were...yeah.
  4. Woah I posted in here and other topics and they disappeared. Server mess up?
  5. I apologize to anyone I offended! But not really...
  6. Aw skeet nigga. That ho is going to jail.
  7. I'm definatley going to see this. I'm hoping to go on Saturday. There is no way I'm going on Friday, I don't really enjoy overcrowded theaters.
  8. That trailer was pretty sweet.
  9. I missed it, didn't care to watch it because it looked very stupid. Now ATHF, that is good stupid. Along with Metalocalypse.
  10. Meh, I don't care that she shaved her head. I do think it's sad people get all worked up about things like this though. And whoever buys HAIR for 1 million is a complete idiot. Lol, the news reporter wasn't that bright either. Trying to show a "visual" of the tatoo.
  11. Or he could have raced his boat from the coast of America to the coast of Australia.
  12. The Bobbit guy had a mutilated penis?
  13. Grand Theft Signature. Anyway, the page didn't load for me, but I'm a fan of all that great historical stuff.
  14. We would probably all be arrested if this was going on in some public place.
  15. The request was to my previous av, but that one is pretty schweet. Thanks man.
  16. Well, you know some people have religious reasons too.
  17. Sucks that the kid got shot, but you have to remember there are a lot of stupid people in the world. Hell, you could be criticizing something for being stupid then do something else that is just as stupid.
  18. Yeah dude, I played it on my friends Hi Def TV. We were doing the two player campaign. The first time we fought the berserker(mostly running)it was the best. Having to run down to the berserker, revive my friend, run back and vice versa. Good times. The Xbox Live gameplay is sick too.
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