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  1. I've tried FireFox. I liked it a lot better, but then got a new computer that has IE 7. So I just use that now.
  2. No girls means no seeeeeeeeeeeeeeex. You're going to let fear keep you away from that?
  3. You sure Putin is going to like that?
  4. Yeah, Internet Explorer isn't that bad. Please don't shoot me.
  5. Why does that Biker Mice sound so familiar?!
  6. Vikinor


    Aren't some of those "illegal drugs" not so illegal in columbia?
  7. Oh they are just doing that old young thing. Where you pick on the person you like. It's really stupid actually...I'd stay away from those girls. But don't worry they will come you sexy devil.
  8. Let it show! I don't see what the big problem with nudity is anyway, I'd walk around naked, but you know there are laws against that.
  9. Hell, I don't remember your name. I've been around since 2002, under the name HalfSwedeLarz. The username just stopped wrorking one day(I think due to cookies or some internet option) so here I am on this one. Welcome back old homies.
  10. Zero, the skateboard company. Because I like Zero boards....
  11. Eh, can't blame her. That game sucks you in and then it's 2 in the morning and you don't know how that happened. I hate Hunters so much. Especially in contested areas. "I'm just going to put this big red arrow over you so everyone can see."
  12. And many will die? I think we are in a nether. Just give it a while.
  13. I vote for StarWarsPhreak's.
  14. Vhat? I think I might go see this movie. It looks interesting to say the least.
  15. Take out the Bush part and then it's almost like my mother. Starts to piss you off after a while.
  16. I'm listening to Protest the Hero. What is Blind Guardian?
  17. Damn, that sucks. He always seemed like a kind of er crazy type, and I figured he would have died wrestling a crocodile or something. R.I.P
  18. http://www.cnn.com/2006/US/09/02/university.shooting.ap/index.html?section=cnn_topstories I live around Shepherdstown. I was really surprised when I heard about this. It always seemed like nothing ever happened around here. This is definatley a wake up call.
  19. Whew. You didn't say Element. For that Cool Points.
  20. LOL, no time for commitment. ROFL BOMB And you had your friend give him the note which never happened?! Wow. Just. Wow. Also, he thinks he likes Jimi Hendrix? No, you like the Hendrix or you don't. And if you don't you need to listen to it more. Christmas is a long ay away too. I want to learn this binary. I NEED to learn this binary.
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