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  1. So....yeah. What's going on again?
  2. Yep. My personal opinion is, the note was a bad move.
  3. What's going on in here? And how do you cheat the custom title?
  4. Yeah, my avatar is the Zero logo. My favorite skate company. Alien, I hate that song. Please do not use that in the future to reference me. Ever.
  5. I had no classes with my previous girlfriend. I asked her out in person.
  6. I don't sit at the losers lunch table either. HURRY NOW! Think up something good!
  7. I don't blog, and I won't be keeping a diary either.
  8. What about the people who don't blog?
  9. Yeah, saw this a couple days ago. He makes Luke look like a fool.
  10. But the drugs make you feel all happy like the XTC and then you fly away. Then you wake up and that's when it turns bad. But of course I'm only guessing...
  11. That doesn't mean that I don't love you.
  12. ? I originally registerred in 2002. My posts on this name are the combined posts of this and my old name. Kurgan helped me with that. And here? Meaning the Harbour?
  13. Are you reffering to me being a newb and my registration date? I have been around here since May or April of 2002. But I had some username troubles, and couldn't access my old name.
  14. Vikinor

    Dell ftl

    Ugh, I hate that design. My friend has an XPS 600, works great too. I think the 600 model is so much better than that. And I also hate bloatware so very much.
  15. Well we will prevail. No amount of Mods can come in and change the Harbour. Not that I'd challenge them if they came. I respect mods and all their authority EDIT Hell yeah you do! From your friendly neighbourhood Moderator.
  16. Eh, I don't care for myspace. Yet I have one. Mostly for my REAL school friends and for the music. I don't do blogging or anything like that. And I don't care what I put on it or how it looks. Me and my Russian friend went completlely metal for a week as a joke, and put crap up there. He got called an emo. Heh. But I'm seeing myspace more like other things. Like Microsoft, I hear a bunch of crap about how people hate Microsoft and still lots of people use their products. And for the anti myspace people, I agree with you a bit. I think its overrated, and I am tired of hearing about it. I was in a line at this fair earlier, and my friend told me "Figures you hear people talking about myspace while waiting in a line." It was the people behind us. I actually didn't even hear them. They must have been those pre teens you hate McCoy.
  17. Eh, ok. http://www.myspace.com/vikinor
  18. This thread has covered too many topics. Therefore, I must raid it. But not really.
  19. Who needs guitar hero when you have real guitars! Rock on! Although, I do secretly want that game.....
  20. Testicular Torsion is real?! I thought it was just a joke on the Venture Brothers.
  21. My mom said something about him being the next President. But she is also an American and(I think) a Bush supporter.
  22. Lol. That video gives me shivers.
  23. Who doesn't love teh Zero?
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