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  1. Nope it's in pic 1 and 14 i believe. Also, in the last pic, we get to see a new Rebel tank:D
  2. anyone else notice the Imperial tank from SWBF ?
  3. I forget which pic it is,but in one it shows an Acclemator firing missiles. And, if you ever read the New Essential Guide to Vehicles, it tells that SDs and Mon Cals have missiles, along with a lot of other capital ships, so I think that all capitals should be able to fire missiles.
  4. well armor changing would be cool, but clones to stromtroopers is basically changing nothing. stormtroopers are(or at least some are) clones from the Clone Wars or new clones.
  5. OOC ok the Empires SDs are all on the battle for any new guys after this. IC "Sir, Victory has arrived in system! Engaging the Mon Cal now." Damnit, why is the Admiral sending all the ships after that one! We cannot take on the IDF alone thought Corean. "Sir 2 Hammerheads of the port bow! Incoming at 12 clicks." "Engage with turbolasers. Fighters and bombers on those ships. Leave the interceptors back to continue engaging the B-Wings and StarChasers..."
  6. Agreed. Also, if you notice the A-Wing that took out the bridge had been shot down, along with every other starfighter that was attacking. It just happend to fly straight into the bridge. If you are getting this from the A-Wings that took out the shield generators, then maybe the shields could be vulnerable, but the SSD would still have armor.
  7. hey all you PC guys check out HD Website: http://republic.fragism.com/hireondemand/index2.html Forum: http://hod.fragism.com/gl-bin/forum/index.php To contact our leader Blitzwolf, email him at http://hireondemand_PC@yahoo.com
  8. Suddenly there was a shake on the bridge of Dark Shadow. "Ensign report!" I shouted "Sir squads of B-Wings hitting our turbolasers" "reroute all power to guns, take them out! Get the TIEs on the them too!" "Sir, Justificator is moving in on a Calimari ship. Admiral Piett is ordering their full surrender" "Continue course. The IDF will fall to us, just as their Rebel friends will fall to Admiral Piett..."
  9. hey costy sorry bout the wait but please dont leave. i thought you had posted you were goin away for a while, so that could be the problem, people may still think you are gone:eek:
  10. for me space battles for imps consist of: Mass capital ships(ISD, SSD, VSD) protected by smaller capital ships and anti starfighter ships(Acclemator, small new escort they put in not sure what its called) TIE OVERDOSE. massive waves of TIEs followed by TIE bombers from behind Flanking. TIE Fighters/Bombers coming from sides to hit all parts of enemy ships. Or capital ships(VSD, Acclemator) hitting with TIE support Blockade running. Not sure if this will work, but sending transports to run past rebel fleet with outside transports empty before a fleet battle. Possible space stations use. moving fleet to surround space station allowing it to fire on enemy fleet while your capital ships do the same and protect teh station all at once. Boarding. pretty basic, hope we can do it in EaW well now we can only wait i guess(and do other things )
  11. Name: Corean Del'Ar Team: Empire Age:37 Ship: ISD Dark Shadow, Captain Pros: Strategy, leadership Weakness: Outnumbered and Outgunned Corean walked to the bridge of the ISD Dark Shadow. "Sir we have entered orbit. Defense forces and Rebels ingaging Admiral Piett" said the com officer. "Good prepare to enter high orbit and power up the turbolasers." Hopefully they could enter orbit and quickly destroy the DF and then bombard the floating cities of Ithor, never stepping foot on the planet...
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