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    i just play swbattlefront
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    DeathStar, always in movment
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    swbattlefront, destroy planets whith a powerfull beam!
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    no job

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  1. search for age of empires 3 on http://www.ign.com.. u can se screens there..
  2. if i say GENERALS FOEVAH! does anyone kill me?
  3. wtf! in norway i hafto be atleast 18 to drive! screw kjell magne bondevik (leader of the fooooking ministers)
  4. thats the best sig i EVER seen! paint or draw by hand
  5. can you fix it with a santa hat to?
  6. thnx Evil Dark Jedi.. (i must be the first one thans calling you your name whole| and not a short v) just what i was thinking
  7. oh... i dident see your post SexM but i asked the one before u... CONGRATZ WITH YAH FIRST POST! welcome.. no body ever said that to me... (snufs)
  8. do you operate like yoda on that game?
  9. Cyborgninja... are you a x-wing pilot and you are shooting rebels on hoth?? traitor... and lightninja kyle is on your doorstep
  10. lol.. i dont have to say more..................... lol............
  11. can somone make a jawa with a cristmas hat please? .. since its soon cristmas
  12. agreed... word up was the worst video... the song is good though... there is only ONE dog that got hes face right in place and thats the black dog... the others is just banged up and look ugly... dogs are realy cute so why make them ugly?
  13. 13... good im not the youngest...
  14. can someone make one for me now??.... with a sw/dragonball av would be nice....
  15. hello my name is øyvin in in 8th grade and live in norway, lillehammer.... i dont have time to write, i should go to the tennis...
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