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  1. I'm waiting on Quist or Stingers as Nic is suppose to be 'dead' in a body bag being smuggled in with Cloud and Conn.
  2. Nic sat leaning back on a chair with his feet resting on top of a desk, he looked up from cleaning his blaster pistol and over to the two meditating Jedi. “Fortunately I’ve had experience with the real thing so I should do fine.” The captain replied unusually relaxed. He held his gun outwards and looked down the sights. “Of course chances are something will go wrong and we’ll all be playing dead methodically.”
  3. If everyone else would like to continue I’m more than happy to, but I presumed most of you guys had lost interest.
  4. In some puzzle action games like Tomb Raider: Legends I don’t mind them because they make it so even if the QTE wasn’t there you’d still need to press the same buttons to solve it (they just tell you what you need to press). But in a game like The Force Unleashed It seems unnecessary and actually take away from the whole experience of it because the only time you can pull of that awesome move is in QTEs.
  5. To say things were bad for the Jedi would be an understatement, he had just crashed his ship into a Mandalorian Vessel and now stood in the middle of a large group of armed soldiers all taking aim at him. Castov looked at all the soldiers and his surrounding to see if there was anyway out of the situation he had fallen into. He turned his head around to look at the pyramid shaped droid attached to the top of his fighter, a large red light on one of its triangle surfaces flashed as it looked at it’s Jedi master. “Tee-Three, I’ll take the 30 on the right you take the 20 on the left.” He told the droid reaching his hand down to his lightsaber. The droid’s eye flashed again then it whistled and beeped a couple of times before slowly descending deeper into the ship. “Okay, I’ll take the 30 on the right and the 20 on the left.” He groaned obviously annoyed with the little robot. Castov reached downwards with his hand and used the force to pull the Ejector seat lever, this sent the seat he was standing on into the air and him along with it. When he was a few meters up CJ flipped off the chair and dove downwards right into the middle of a group of five Mandalorians. The lightsaber activated with a familiar hiss as he swung it low at two of the warrior’s feet knocking them both to the floor, with the same swing he then threw it up diagonally cutting through the waist band where the Mandalorians armour was separated. He the two halves of that Mandalorians body fell to the floor he reached his free hand out behind him and grabbed the man behind him bringing the soldiers head down onto the Jedi’s knee. He stood up and swung his lightsaber at the fifth man only to have it clang against a Vibrosword, Castov looked at the blade held by the Madalorian. “Mandalorian steel?” The Jedi asked knowing that the material was resistant to his weapon. The Mandalorian smiled and nodded. “This is called a stalemate.” The mandalorian informed. “Yeah.” CJ Agreed as he used his free hand to point upwards. “And that’s called a chair.” A moment later the ejector seat came crashing downwards onto the Mandalorian soldier. Castov relief was short lived as he realised another group of mandalorians to his right shooting at him, bringing his lightsaber up he began to deflect the bolts as he attempted to look for yet another way out, just behind him he saw a door slowly closing. Using the force once again he threw the ejector seat (and the squashed Mandalorian that had become attached to it) at the group that was firing at him. The chair smashed into them like a bowling ball in to a group of pins, strike! With those soldier now neutralised Castov ran for the door that was slowly descending, realising he wasn’t going to make it through in time run he dived forward with the force behind him and hit the floor sliding forward. Unfortunately as he did this he dropped his lightsaber and it skidded along behind him. As he went through the doorway he began to slow down and eventually cam to stop, only to realise that he stop in between three more Mandalorians. “Oh C’mon, What’s with this frying pan and fire situation?”
  6. After Beryl laid out the plan Nic went to the supplies and collected some of the things they may need to destroy the Imperial Equipment, a few compact high explosives, some remote detonators and a field medical kit in case things went wrong. This didn’t take long so when the bags were ready and full he decided to get some alone time on the Apartment’s balcony. He had to think things over and now was probably the only chance he’d get for a while especially with this mission coming up. Nic leant against the balcony rail and up into the nights sky, at all the stars, he liked looking into the universe it made him feel small and with that his problems also became small in comparison. Cloud had been watching Nic for a few moments, he had known his friend was in pain for some time now and was burdened with it among many other things. The young Mechanic stepped forward over to the Balcony and leant in next to Nic. “I have a Confession.” The Force sensitive stated looking out over the city. “Yeah.” Nic Replied not taking his gaze off the Stars. “If it’s about you always overestimating your repair times so you come across as a genius... I had a hunch.” “No not that.” He Laughed. “I Um... Followed you and Jeezs today.” “Why?” “You know, I’m a Sneaky son of a Schutta.” Cloud laughed remembering the conversation the two had before Nic was taken by his brother. “I heard what that Cleric said about the prophecies, and your destiny.” “I wouldn’t take any notice of that.” Nic suggested smiling. “Guy’s old... Probably losing his marbles.” Cloud Laughed again. “I always liked that about you, whenever anyone gets serious ,you make joke.” The mechanic informed before a long pause. “You know I didn’t always like you. First Couple years on Echo I thought you were Arrogant scruffy looking nerf herder, Hells, I only stuck around because of Aerith.” “Well love makes you do crazy things.” “Yeah. Now Aerith she always use to say that there was something about you, something special... I never saw it.” Cloud paused againg and breathed deeply. “Until after she died, the it was clear to me, you’re someone we can trust in the bad time, someone who’ll risk his own life to save an others, someone who could save us all.” “I can’t save myself.” Nic stated finally turning to look at him. “Don’t put your faith in me.” He stood up and began to walk back inside. “C’mon, let’s play galactic Hero.” Nic Walked inside and went to get his things leaving Cloud on the Balcony. “We stopped playing it along time ago.” He said quietly to himself before turning to follow Nic.
  7. Castov had entered the fray of battle along with all the Republic fighters, he was engaged in taking down Mandalorian boarding craft that were attempting to attach themselves to the republic vessels. So far him and the Squadron of republic fighters he had taken command of were successful in their task since the Jedi had taken command. Castov’s tactics were an improvement upon the original strategy they were employing. The squad were destroying each boarding ship they came across but this was time consuming so Jesp had come up with the idea of simply disabling them. Right now around fifteen of the Mandalorian craft were just floating around without any engines courtesy of CJ and his wingmen. “This Bravo Team.” A Voice came across the channel. “We are aboard the Mandalorian Dreadnaught Kraken and have been cornered and are unable to complete mission or escape, we need backup Now!” “Bravo team, this is Jedi Knight Jesp.” Castov responded. “I’m not too far from your position and coming to assist.” “Roger that Jesp.” The marine confirmed. “Please be quick.” “Blue Squadron.” Castov replied opening the Comm again. “I’m breaking, keep up the good work.” Castov spun his fighter around and rocketed towards the Mandalorian craft, while on his heading he looked over at the Dreadnaught and saw that its hanger bay blast doors had been closed. This added an obstacle of finding a way to get into the ship. As his approach closed he analysed the ship best he could trying to find any entry point he could use to board. He noticed a large window on the ships port side. “Oh, I hope this works.” He said to him self as he pushed his ship into full thrust until he was almost at the window and pushed his ship into full reverse. The vessel smashed through the glass and hit the floor of the room it entered, it slid on the metal deck crashing into tables and chairs until it finally stopped. The broken window was quickly coved by a metal blast door preventing the air from escaping. A little disorientated Castov opened the cockpit hatch and stood up, he looked around and quickly realised he was surrounded by about 50 Mandalorians. “So CJ what did you do today?” He said to himself. “Oh you knew flew my ship into a mandalorian staging area.” All the Mandalorians raised their weapons and aimed at him.
  8. Name: Talia Romanov Age: 28 Gender: Female Appearance: Clickady Click Click (You didn’t have this in your sheet but I added it anyway) Rank: Corporals Skills: Demolitions Expert- Talia is an expert in all things that go boom, if you need a door blown open, a makeshift Grenade or a explosive distraction she’s the girl to call. Knife throwing- Talia is highly skilled at throwing knives, highly accurate with distances up to 15 meters. Gear: Grenades (E.M.P, Frag and Smoke),K-7 Explosives, Detonators, Throwing Knives, Standard military issue Rail gun Rifle, Standard issue pistol. Personality: Sometimes considered insane by her colleagues she enjoys her work with explosives a little too much. Subtle doesn’t even enter her vocabulary preferring to take the blow the hell out everything option in any given situation (even if that isn’t an option too begin with). History:Born and raised in Moscow, Russia she was the daughter of a Terran Military officer and grew up on a military base there. She was always considered a little ‘off’ with a love for weapons, explosives and all thing deadly and destructive. It was no surprise she followed her father’s footsteps and joined the military serving as a troop in a marine corp and soon joined the Special forces as a Demo expert. ((If you want me to make changes just let me know.))
  9. Ok everyone I’ll be starting the RP shortly, even after it’s started there’s still time for people to join, complete their Character sheets or actually do one. We’ll be starting in the middle of the space battle. Edit- k it's started in the main area.
  10. Mandalorian Wars: The Jedi Torn The Mandalorians began a crusade of conquest against the galaxy beginning with the worlds on the galaxy’s outer rim. For 32 years the armies of the warrior race invaded many planets and moons destroying any one who dared to stand against them before their sights finally turned to the Republic. The Army of the unified worlds pleaded with the Jedi council for help but they refused to fight, however to young Jedi known as Malak and Revan chose to go against their masters wishes and went to the republics aid taking all those who would follow with them… ---------------------------------------------- The Mandalorian fighter sped through the barrage of laser fire being exchanged between the Hammerhead Class Cruiser and the Mandalorian Dreadnaught. The fighter took such a dangerous path to it’s target as it was attempting to shake of the Republic fighter that had been on his tail for the last five minuets. The Mandalorian was heading for the Republic’s flagship with the mission to launch the nuclear missile it was carrying at it. The Republic fighter was flown by the Jedi Castov Jesp, he knew the Mandalorian’s mission and had so far been successful in preventing its completion. CJ weaved his fighter over, under around the barrage of weapons fire that was being passed between the two capital ship. He kept his eyes on the Mandalorian best he could through the ordinance and explosion that came between them. Suddenly a bolt of energy from the Dreadnaught skimmed over the back of Castov’s fighter, although the damage it caused was minimal it knock him into an uncontrolled spin. This would have been troublesome at the best of times but not when he was in the middle of two ships trying to shoot the hell out of each other. The Jedi gripped his control stick tighter and attempted to straighten up his craft before he drifted in front of a laser bolt or missile. It took him a few minuets before he managed to stop the spin and get his bearings, looking to his right he saw a missile launched from the hammerhead on a collision course with him. Castov pushed his thrusters on fall and launched forward as fast as he could narrowly avoiding the missile. Jesp checked his sensor and saw that the Mandalorian he was tracking was rapidly decreasing his distance with the Republic Flagship. The Jedi launched his ship out of the weapons exchange and sped as quick as he could towards the Mandalorian. Soon he had closed on the mandalorian as it approached its firing range and Jesp fired two laser shots. Both bolts impacted against the rear of the fighters hull and begun a chain reaction of explosions that soon evaporated the ship. Castov spun his ship around and looked at the larger battle, Dozens of Capital ships exchanging fire with fighters doing the same. “Looks like we still have work to do, Tee-three.” The Jedi told his Droid. (ooc- You can do anything you want in this battle be it in command of a capital ship, boarding a Mandorlorian ship, defending against boarders or you join Jesp in a fighter.))
  11. Ian and Nymf... your characters are fine. KotO[REvan]can you please explain by what you mean by Elemental Force user and give us a little to go on in the Bio section.
  12. Mandalorian Wars: The Jedi Torn The Mandalorians began a crusade of conquest against the galaxy beginning with the worlds on the galaxy’s outer rim. For 32 years the armies of the warrior race invaded many planets and moons destroying any one who dared to stand against them before their sights finally turned to the Republic. The Army of the unified worlds pleaded with the Jedi council for help but they refused to fight, however to young Jedi known as Malak and Revan chose to go against their masters wishes and went to the republics aid taking all those who would follow with them… _____________________________________________________________________ The Story I tried this before and figured I’d give it another go as i did like it while it lasted the first time round. The RP takes place during the early stages of the Jedi involvement of the Mandalorian War. You are a Jedi who chose to defy the councils orders and followed Reven and Malak into battle against the rampaging Mandalorian forces. As part of Reven’s plan your character is one who has been put in charge of a force to take back the world of Corellia, the furthest the Mandalorians have gotten into the galaxy. Corellia has been under Mandalorian control for the past week and a large space force have blockaded the world and invaded the Capital city of Coronet. The Jedi mission is to first take space superiority and then remove the mandalorian threat from the surface. The Mandalorians are led by one of Mandalore’s Lieutenants who goes by the name Maverick. Although it may not come up we’re going to be using cannon so at this stage Malak is called Alek ‘Squint’ Squinquargesimus, Revan is male and the Exile is Female. _____________________________________________________________________ Rules- Rp forum rules are standard. no 'super' Jedi, you can have unique abilities but not too powerful no killing Pcs without permission Minimal Char Control (it’s unrealistic to rp without it creeping in) Thread master controls all 'plot sensitive' Npcs 7 day Absence rule- don’t post for seven days your character becomes a NPC until you return. Original Characters only, if Revan or the Exile turn up they’ll be NPCs ______________________________________________________________________ Character Sheet Name: (John Doe, Jane Doe) Nickname: (JD, Sparky) Species: (Human, Twi’lek, Zabrak, etc.)(Star Wars cannon only) Sex: (Male/female) Age: (18+) Class: (Sentinel/Guardian/Consular/Weapons Master/Watchman/Jedi Master) Appearance: (Picture or description) Lightsaber: (Type: Single/Twin/staff)(Colour) Weapons/Equipment: (Grenades, blasters, med kit, personal shields, etc.) Specialist skills/force powers/traits: (3 Max, no dark side powers) Bio: (History and personality) ______________________________________________________________________ Name: Castov Jesp Nickname: CJ Species: Human Sex: Male Age: 26 Class: Sentinel Appearance: Picture Lightsaber: Single yellow blade Weapons/Equipment: Tool kit, handheld scanning equipment. Specialist skills/force powers/traits: Lucky- Unsure if it is by the will of the force or just dumb luck when things start to go wrong he always manages to come out of it in one piece. Mechanics- If it needs fixing Jesp has the skill to pull it off. Stealth- Although he hasn’t mastered the ability to make him self invisible in the force he knows how to move without being noticed. Bio: Like most Jedi Castov was taken in to be trained as a Jedi in his infancy and no longer remembers who his family were. He spent his early years training at the Coruscant temple, here he earned a reputation for being reckless and a risk taker. He spent a lot of time in front of the masters explaining why a fight got started or how the ancient artefact got broken. Fortunately for him other than these slight misdemeanours he was a good student with the force. The young man was also found to have a certain aptitude with mechanics and electronic, so he was allowed to work in the temples hanger and garage. When Castov was assigned to a master he got transferred to the enclave on Dantooine where he became friends with the other Padawans, Notably Bastillia, Reven and Malak. He passed all his trials the first time and was knighted as a full Jedi of the order. Castov followed his friends Reven and Malak into the war against defying the wishes of his masters. CJ is fun loving and a joker but he has a need to always do the right thing, although skilled with the lightsaber he prefers to take a stealthy approach to combat.
  13. “However we do this me and conn’ll need to be careful walking around any facility with the Imps wandering around.” Nic stated looking around the group. “The plastic boys probably have our pictures imprinted on to their eye balls, we’ll need disguises at the very lease.” He then turned to Noelle. “Do you think you could help us out with that as well?”
  14. Alec continued to smile himself as he headed back to his room, he knew the crew would probably just hang around the ship while they travelled to Hapes but being the Captain his work was never done. As he walked through his door he turned and pushed the door close button on the panel by the side of it. He jumped when he turned back to face the inside of his room as the Jedi appeared before him. “Will you stop doing that!” He shouted so loudly that anyone outside his room could probably hear him. “How’d you like me to do it?” She asked rhetorically. “Have a theme play before I appear?” “It would help.” Alec replied quickly realising how stupid he sounded. “Look if you’re going to rattle around in my head, be courteous.” He sighed deeply and walked over to the chair and slumped himself into it. “What do you want this time or have you just came to spook me?” “I feel a disturbance in the Force. Someone on this ship is strong in the Force.” Son’ti informed. “Really.” He said deadpan. “A ship with a Cathar on board has Force sensitive. Wow.” “Don’t mock me Tanis.” She said. “I’m perfectly aware of the Cathar, but another on the ship has power they’ve only just discovered.” Alec thought for a moment. “Jyot, it would explain how he gets all those women with a face like that.” He joked. “Trust me Alec.” The incorporeal Jedi stated. “There is more to one of your crew than meets the eye.”
  15. “Okay let’s get this show on the road.” Tanis ordered as he watched the Doctor and Jhramrok go to the infirmary. “Kadis take Zip to the bridge and get the Co’ords out of him, take off as soon as Elle returns.” Alec looked at the rest of the people in the cargo bay and smiled at them. “Unless people want to continue ridiculing Spanner I’m sure we all have work to be getting on with or at least look like we’re getting on with. Jyot i need to speak to you before we get to Hapes, so when you got a free moment.”
  16. Okay guys send your votes for whether or not to allow rex to join to me either via PM or if you have me on MSN just tell when you seee me online next.
  17. “No, It’s, erm...” Nic paused as he released the girls had. “...It’s fine.” After a few more moments giving the girl an apprehensive look he turned to look over at Conn. “There’s nothing to find out, everyone on the planet seems clueless to what the empire is doing.” He lied considering he didn’t even ask as he had his personal business to deal with. “So if we’re going to do this without hurting anyone at ChandraMed we’ll have to do this covertly.”
  18. Alec and Raelyn arrived at the ship some time ago and could only really wait until Jyot arrives with whatever he got from Dana before she attempted to permanently end the destiny he may have. First off the captain decided to sort out what pre-flights he could without the pilot, from the scene he had witnessed involving the ex-fiancé they would need a quick getaway. “Cap?! We’re ba-aack!” Alec slid down the ladder onto the catwalk from the common room and looked over the banister, he shook his head and smiled at his mechanic. “So are we going to meet an ex-girlfriend of yours that doesn’t want to kill you or at the very least castrate you?”
  19. Snapping out of his own glare at the attractive young woman he now knew was Noelle, Nic stepped over looking at her apprehensively. “I’m Nic White.” He said holding his hand out to her. Things had just taken a strange turn for him, if it wasn’t bad enough he had to deal with the fact someone was suppose to die, now he had to deal with meeting a girl he had dreamt of. “I’m sorry but have we met? I mean, before this.”
  20. Nic s smiled at the Jedi and let out a short laugh. “Is she ever?” he shook his head and began to walk with Jeez back to the penthouse where they were staying. It didn’t take them long to get back to the pent house where them and the others were staying courtesy of one of Beryl’s brothers. As they approached the building Nic once again turned to Jeez. “Erm... can we keep all the stuff we heard between us, I don’t want to freak anyone out anymore than they already are.” He didn’t wait for a reply as he thought that the secret would be safe with the Jedi, he knew Jedi could keep secrets from his experiences with them and hoped Jeez would be the same. Nic continued into the building and headed up to their suite, open the door. “I’m ho...” He stopped mid word when he saw the women in his vision before him, he stared at her with mouth open slightly in shook. From someone else’s perspective it could be misinterpreted.
  21. Ok We've hit another slow down in the RP so once again i'm asking if if this is because A) you don't want to continue in he RP. B) You don't know what to post. c) You've just forgot about it? Obviously Corinthian has a reason for not posting but please let me know whatever your reason is. Thank You
  22. Ok We've hit another slow down in the RP so once again i'm asking if if this is because A) you don't want to continue in he RP. B) You don't know what to post. c) You've just forgot about it? Please let me know whatever your answer is. Thank You
  23. Alec had left his room and managed to hear the plan of meeting the girl, Dina. Because of his headaches he was quite happy someone had taken charge of the situation while he was incapacitated, but he was the Captain and the time to take charge was now. "Okay unless anyone wants to stay behind we all head for the 'observation' point. Once there some of us will set up snipers the rest of us will see if we can get closer without being seen." The Captain Ordered. "Unless anyone has any questions let's get going."
  24. The Cleric had led the two humans out of his meditation chamber and into the entrance lobby ofthe building him and the other Kaldo refugees had come to call home. "Your friend whoever they are will die, that choise belongs to them and not you." The Cleric explained. "But once they have made their sacrifice you will have to begin the journey of your ancestors legacy." "And when exactly are you going to explain this legacy?" Nic asked still annoyed from before. "I can only tell you what you are ready to hear, however as I doubt you will return to this place after the forth Prophecy is forfilled perhaps I should skip that part." The Kaldo leader informed. "In the Galaxy there is a person, a Key to the Force, one who is a nexus between this world and the strongest powers the Force has to offer." "I'm no key." Nic abruptly interrupted. "No you are not, you are mearly the one who is to protect and guide it." "Protect it from who?" Nic asked. "The sith, Zealots and the Order of Traya." "The Order of what? "Traya, Ancient group of sentient being that beleive the force is curse upon the Universe, one that must be vanquished and they believe they need the key to do this." The Cleric explained with Urgency in his voice. "Okay and why do the sith want this key of yours?" "It is said the key can be used to grant a power equal to that of a God, the power to create the universe or destroy it anyway they see fit." The Cleric continued still urgent. "So i find this key and protect it against the ultimate evil in the galaxy... one problem i don't know where it is." "Find the Chimera and it will lead you too her and it's protectors." "Chimera?... what?... You speaking in Riddles now." "Your destiny and that of the Key are intertwined, chances are you met it or dreamt of it and just not realised." The Cleric Explained. "Once you find the Chimera it will show you key... Leave now but once prophecy is past please return, there is much more you wll need to know." With that Nic led the way out of the building and onto the city streets, night had fallen a while ago and only the moon shined light on to it now. Nic breathed heavily and turned for the direction to head back to the place they were staying. "Let's get home, do what we came to do and then leave... Quicker we get off this world the better" he told the jedi with him.
  25. "Not many ways to interpret 'A friend who values your life greater than their own and will sacrifice themselves so you can live.' is there." The Kaldo Cleric informed as he slowly stood. "How do you know it's that one?" Nic asked. "I felt the others come to pass." He replied turning around to face the two humans and revealing a tatoo on his forehead of an eye. "I like to keep an eye on you." "Tell me how to stop it." The captain began to anger. "You can't." The Force Sensitive simply stated. "I won't accept that." "Of course you won't Mr Raikellii, You’re stubborn and loyal.” The wise alien stated as he walked off to the side and lit a few more candles. “These qualities make you ideal for your destiny.” “It’s Nic White!” He Corrected “For now.” Nic placed his hand on his forehead and began to rub his fore head. “You ain’t going to help me are you.” “I never said that.” The Cleric smiled. “I just can’t help you with what you want me to help you.” “Have I ever told you how much you lesf me off?”
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