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  1. Yeah Slider...I mean, after the competitive gunner has all but tossed his JA disks in the trash (with a great deal of your assistance), its nice to see you can still steal...errr borrow other ideas (Highlander) and make more lame gametypes for putrid honor saberists. Great Work!!
  2. The same thing with the JK series. Academy was little more than an expansion pack to Outcast that was marketed as a full title. $50, server list problems right out of the gate and one crappy patch. If history is any indication.......lets just say I wont be rushing to my local game store to by another overhyped SW game. Galaxies is awful. Im a long time FPS player finding a little entertainment with World of Warcraft but there are almost no redeeming qualities about most MMO's and SWG tops that list. It will always have a great following thanks to those people who think all things Star Wars are great ("Phantom menace smokes braveheart!!!1!!" and has little to do with how great the game is by itself. When you grow up dreaming of living in a galaxy far far away and being a Jedi, a shoddy online universe delivering something towards that end seems better than it actually is. There are not too many non-star wars fans hyping the merits of SWG. Ive tried it. Twice. Its terrible.
  3. I have my doubts so I said 'should'. You hit it on the head: Its a crappy console port.
  4. Both JK titles are on life support from a competitive standpoint. If you are an honor saberist you will have more time to enjoy the game you helped destroy but even that 'community' has taken a hit in recent months. Galaxies is one of the top MMO's out there (dont ask me why, it blows) but there are more than enough Star Wars fans to keep it afloat for, well, forever. There are limitations (you actually have to work hard to be a Jedi and you can still be killed) and guns in it so I know it is a turn off for most JK fans. Battlefront showed promise but was poorly executed and with no rules and no sabers it didnt catch on with the JK crowd. Battlefront 2 should deliver on what the original did not....
  5. Anyone ever see AGAME? That was an awesome series of jka machinima
  6. Yes one can be used in Single or multiplayer. You would just need to config it in the game menu. A cheap microsoft 6 button controller is usually around $10-$15 and would work instantly without the need for installing drivers.
  7. Lucasarts would never miss an opportunity to overhype any of their crappy titles in advance.
  8. I feel like lighting scented candles.
  9. So anti JA+ sentiment gets wiped out here too? Just make slider a moderator.
  10. My suggestion for Slider: Go pay for an MMORPG instead of trying to make JKA one.
  11. And if you run into a dude named VicoDIN, tell him how handsome he is.
  12. Seeing a new JK game (a longshot at this point but who nows what the years will bring as more and more shooters hit the market) built on a next gen engine would be sweet as long as they can accomodate up to 16 player servers. I would only hope that LucasArts gives another studio other than Raven the license to develop it.
  13. Amidala was a true leader. She stood up for her beliefs and fought for JKA gunners the world over. She no longer admins servers but she pops up here and there to let us know she is still around.
  14. Strike me down with your Jedi weapon....because there are no guns in JKA
  15. Sorry..sorry...I was referring to the way the game was actually designed, developed and marketed. Just tell him to join any number of JA+ FFA servers and he will be free from lamers.....not noobs unfortunately, those are actually THE players found on those servers but hey, 1 out of 2 aint bad. He also will be free of competition, fair play, required game skills and any involved tactics.
  16. Or replaced with any other vile expletive that describes that woeful style of 'play'.
  17. It is our hopes that Amidala will one day win a big state lottery so she can quit her day job and make a triumphant return to adminning servers.
  18. Slider you cater more to the E-raging server admin who believes himself a deity, not new players who are beaten into submission because an errant saber throw decapitated a clan member. You seriously have put no thought into any of your admin features and while I give you credit for trying to work things out now the damage has already been done and this game is just waiting for Death to lower the scythe. Even your non abusive supporters have begun to move on to greener pastures leaving behind the worst of the honor admins. Ami may still feel it worthwhile to get you to change certain aspects of your mod but I know it is a waste of time trying to convince you of doing anything good with what is left of this game.
  19. Ill agree with you there but lets face it. There are plenty of legit RPGs out there without having to further disgrace the JK series more than it already has been. Ive visited RPG servers for kicks. All thats missing are sock puppets, stressed out writers and bad voice overs.
  20. Games are for entertainment. Like watching TV or going to the movies. Are these people all throwing their lives away in search of relief from everyday life? I can think of 100 better things to do with my time like rescuing puppies or donating time to charitable events but Id rather play games. Im a CTF player...FFA is dead.
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