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  1. 18 minutes ago, Rum Rogers said:

    So the greatest thing is it's going to begin immediately where MI2 left off, as officially stated by Devolver Digital. Can this get any better?!

    Oh look, a reason to play MI 1 and 2 again!  I was very late to the party for these games, but the story is one of my all time favorites.  Excited to see how they follow up MI2.  

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  2. Anyone else excited to see what they do with this? Kotor is one of those games that I think holds up to this day, so it is exciting to see how it will be modernized.  Bummed about the timed release thing, but I'm hoping it finds its way to Xbox in my lifetime.  


    Personally, I like the idea of these older games getting remade for a modern audience. (for me, the Monkey Island remakes made me fall in love with it!)





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  3. 14 hours ago, ThunderPeel2001 said:


    Ha, that was quick! I'm guessing you used a guide? (Which is understandable given how frustrating some of the puzzles in MI2 are -- spit contest, monkey as a wrench, etc.)


    If you're going to move onto Curse of Monkey Island next you'll have yourself a lovely time, as the puzzles are more rounded, the interface is more polished, it's just an all round great experience. Arguably LucasArts's best... or damned close to. 


    One tip: Unlike MI2, I would recommend playing the lower difficulty first and then moving on to "Mega Monkey" mode afterwards. Why? Simply because unlike MI2 you the lower difficulty is basically "normal" mode, not "easy" mode: You don't miss any story or locations, and there's a bunch of great puzzles that are worth playing through. It's basically a normal LucasArts adventure game with great puzzles (you shouldn't really need a guide, or least need one less).


    Then when you complete it you get the additional bonus of playing it again with more difficult puzzles (presuming you enjoyed it the first time). Two games for the price of one!


    Of course maybe you fancy exploring another world next: Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle and Grim Fandango are all excellent choices (and I'd probably recommend them in that order, simply because they get more technically impressive as they continue).


    I’m going to have to see if Curse will work on my old MacBook.  I’m probably going to play through as many of these games that are available on Xbox and then assess the computer situation! 😂 I really want to play more Monkey Island. 


    I totally looked up help for some of the puzzles in MI2. It took me about 7 hours to complete it.  Basically, I try to do as much as I can and then try the hint feature.  If that doesn’t work... I look it up!  I honestly have no idea how I’d have made it past a few of them.  Kudos to those of you who did it alone! 

  4. I hate to double reply, but I just finished the game about 20 minutes ago.  What an incredible game from beginning to end.  I absolutely loved the ending — I imagine it was a major point of discussion.  I feel like this is a game you can continue to analyze and never get to the bottom of it.  

    Thanks for not spoiling the return of my man Stan.  Glad to see he was still out hustling.  

    I just gotta say that I am so happy that I decided to play these games.  Consider me a fan! 

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  5. 15 hours ago, Lagomorph01 said:

    You struck my curiosity with this, Rum, so I decided to find out what the differences were, and they are in fact quite huge!

    For people like me who never played Lite Mode, this is quite a nice write up of the differences, (obviously don’t read it if you don’t want any spoilers!!!):


    From what I’ve seen, the Xbox version does not have lite mode. At least there wasn’t an option. 

    I had some time last night and played through part 1. I’m pretty sure the “hard” mode is the default on Xbox just from the description in that article.  (The hard thread puzzle was in my game. I didn’t read past Part 1, no spoilers please!)


    I will say that I find this game to be more challenging than the first one, which is a good thing. Concerning the above mentioned thread puzzle, I had to look it up to get there.  (Shame on me! I tried...)  I kept walking around trying to figure it out and talk to everyone but it really had me stumped. 😂


    I’m also enjoying the story and characters so far — love Captain Dread and HATE Largo.  One of the things I’ve really enjoyed in this series are the personalities — everyone you seem to encounter is just full of personality.  Through just a few lines and movements they are able to convey so much.  I’m low key hoping Stan (the sleazy used boat salesman) makes an appearance.  

    Edit: I forgot to mention that I finally get the Mojo reference! I never looked it up. I got excited when I saw it.  

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  6. Thank you for all the recommendations! I saw Grim Fandango in the Microsoft store and it looks pretty neat.  I’ll have to see what ones are on Xbox. 

    Also, Rum Rogers, reading what you said has me pumped to jump into Monkey Island 2 this weekend.  I’ll probably have to post about how incredible it is! 😁

  7. Call me late to the party, but finding that this forum was revived made me decide to play through a Lucasarts game that wasn't Star Wars. Classic Star Wars games were basically my reason for being on this forum years ago, but I wanted to switch it up.


    I played the remake of The Secret of Monkey Island on my Xbox One and... WOW!  I couldn't put it down.  I haven't played a point-and-click style game in ages, but now I want more.  I enjoyed that I was able to play the modern one and the original-style game at the same time... which was funny because I felt the old school one was easier to control.  😆


    I'm sure these are things you guys have heard before but I just really wanted to share!  Knowing that I went all these years not knowing who Guybrush Threepwood is makes me feel like I've been missing out. I knew this game would become special to me when the game explained that great swordsmen have to have witty retorts to win.  While another playthrough is definitely in order, I can't wait to pick up LeChuck's Revenge.  Then, who knows... so many classic games to choose from!  😶

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  8. Now that we know SWBF 3 is happening, what era would you like to see the story set in? The OT, PT or the sequel trilogy? Maybe all three, as they did the OT and PT in SWBF2? I imagine we will be able to relive Star Wars moments from all the movies given the teaser trailer's content, but what of the story?


    I find it difficult to believe they won't include some sort of content from the new movie, given the release date. It would be exciting to use the new factions, characters, and worlds from the movie before it comes out. Maybe they'll attempt to link the new movie to the existing franchise through the new game like TFU did. There are so many possibilities with this.



  9. As Lynk Former mentioned, there aren't many difference except the version exclusives. I have X, so if you end up getting Y and want the version exclusives, feel free to PM me. Always glad to help another LFer out.


    Definitely get one of them though, it's a heck of a game.

  10. What about the sequence in KOTOR 2 when you are approached by the beggar on Nar Shaddaa? By doing a "good" act, you actually did more harm. I felt this was a great way to further explain Kreia's philosophy. To my fellow bleeding hearts: did you feel bad after this exchange?


    I felt that the intent of the actions in the game meant more than the actual light/dark points. I didn't feel bad about helping out the beggar.


    As mentioned previously, Mass Effect had an interesting take by having the points be attributed more toward personality. While I accumulated a large amount of Paragon points through the three games, I also had a decent amount of Renegade points. Sometimes it felt like the right thing to do in the situations it presented. So I guess, in regards to my relationship with video games, my intent when playing takes precedence over whatever points system is in play.


    I think Mass Effect was better at this.












    ...nah, I chose Kaidan in a heartbeat.


    I'll admit... this was one of the easier choices in the game... :holosid:

  11. I share similar feelings when playing KOTOR, or any game I becoming involved in. When a game is able to invoke those sort of feelings in a player, its a sign of good storytelling. I enjoy games where I feel like part of the story, rather than just a spectator. Ending aside, I felt the Mass Effect series did an excellent job at this too.


    When playing KOTOR, I found it difficult to play the dark side. In all the years I've owned the game, I've only played as a full Sith once. Granted, its not like I purposefully chose lightside options 100% of the time, but when making my own choices I usually did the nice thing. I liked being the hero and as silly as it may sound, I felt compassion toward the characters in the game.

  12. It's so hard for me to choose a favorite, because I have so many great memories with most of these games. My "favorite" changes daily. I loved playing SWGB and JK1 way back when on MSN Gaming Zone, spent countless nights playing SWBF 1 and 2 splitscreen with my friends on the Xbox (I occasionally still do, I got my girlfriend hooked), played my first MMO (besides Runescape) with SWG , and became downright addicted to EP1: Racer.


    I'll choose KOTOR today. It brought the same wonder and excitement the movies did. Its one of the first games I ever remember becoming engrossed in, and IMO it has stood the test of time. Its the RPG I hold all other RPGs to, and in a way its one of the first things I think of when I think Star Wars.

  13. I've always enjoyed LF. Obviously, I haven't been an avid poster after all these years but I've been a reader (lurker?) on a regular basis. My favorite part about LF is the discussion of Star Wars games. I love reading the thoughts of those who also enjoyed KOTOR back in it's heyday, and over the years I've been involved in the Classic Games section with Alexrd, a forum member who I respect greatly. (Also, looking back at my posts, its scary seeing the teenager me's spelling and grammer...)


    I'll admit, it seems LF has been on the decline. This makes me sad because it has been an enjoyable part of my internet browsing since 2004. I've seen the controversies that some say has caused a rift in the community, but I believe that Lucasarts' demise has had a greater effect of members losing interest in the community. Hopefully we will see some great things out of Disney... Regardless, I feel I should start posting more...

  14. Dark Forces II definitely stands out for me. I remember spending endless hours playing it online through MSN Gaming Zone. The single player campaign was also pretty vast and entertaining.


    I was also a huge fan of EP1: Podracer. I wish they'd bring it back on the next-gen systems...

  15. Hi, I'm new here. **** canon and **** BioWare and their MMO.



    I have a feeling that they will (hopefully) decide to retcon a lot of things when the new movies are released. IMO that would allow them to forget that gaudy Revan book...


    I guess I'm one of those people who doesn't get too involved in the canon though. I'm sure many fans wouldn't be pleased...

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