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  1. This was bound to happen. I didn't see Lucasarts wanting to keep SWG around. It would have been nice if they had made it free-to-play, and had in-game purchases. That probably would have made it reasonably profitable. SWG was a solid game back when it first came out. Oh well. RIP SWG!
  2. Haha that was just a joke. It's basically what they did to the KOTOR series! I think that the next TFU game, if done properly, will capture the same amount of success as the original. There are a lot of plots that will come to a conclusion. I'm curious to see how they tie in Starkiller to the original trilogy.
  3. Hopefully they set it 300 years in the future, and use a tie-in novel to explain Starkiller's fate. Maybe they could give the fans what the obviously want and make it an MMO?
  4. Even though I will read the book, I would have rather had KOTOR 3...
  5. My college library has something called ProQuest, which basically delivers tons of reliable sources right to you. As Mav said, head over to the library. Ask the librarian if they have anything like that, most colleges do. Good luck!
  6. I don't know if I'm happy about this. I really would have hoped Revan's character arc didn't end with a side quest to a game that takes place 300 years after the fact.
  7. I enjoyed playing through Legacy when I had the game. The expansion packs were pretty fun too, but I feel that the game is more enjoyable if you play with friends. I don't know what the community is like now, I haven't played in about 2 years, but I would highly recommend convincing a few of your friends to pick it up too.
  8. Only 2 Months until E3, think we'll finally see JK4 or is the series dead?
  9. Haha, well I'm obviously in the minority on this one. I'm pretty excited to see this one come out. I enjoyed the previous two films. As mentioned previously, it does look like they're putting more effort into the story. Hell, there are also rumors that it will feature NASCAR, so they automatically have me. Product placement what?
  10. Movie: The Expendables Game: Madden 11 Album: Hits Alive - Brad Paisley
  11. Seeing this thread makes me sad. Anyhow, I was curious if anyone had heard any rumors about BFIII still happening? Or, are we going to get another garbage PSP game?
  12. This just made my day. The original Starfighter was one of my favorite Xbox games when it came out. I wonder when and where it will be set. It would be nice to see them throwback to EP1.
  13. I'm pretty disappointed that they decided to go the MMO route on the series... especially 300-some years after the events of KOTOR. If it were set immediately after TSL, I may have considered buying it, but I really wish it was another single-player RPG. I kinda hope it crashes and burns and they make the sequel everyone has been waiting for.
  14. Gardens of Theed... I just had flashbacks of how much I hated swimming with those damn sharks!
  15. Haha I remember Legacy. I'm one of those people who got bored after the main storyline, which is a shame because the game had so much potential. The expansions kept the game going, but my guess is they weren't making enough money off of them to continue producing them. However, I don't see myself buying TOR. As much as I loved KOTOR and TSL, setting it 300 years after those events creates a new time period that I'm not interested in.
  16. I used to run DF2 on Windows XP, so I don't see why Shadows of the Empire wouldn't work. I know that some Lucasarts games have Windows XP patches that are available on the official site.
  17. Its all about the Mos Espa Arena! It had a cool free-roam feeling to it. Seeing this thread is making me want to pick up a copy of this game again...
  18. I quit playing about a year ago. From what I understand, they've been offering bonuses to old players who reactivate their accounts. We'll see how the game survives when TOR comes out. Personally, I believe that it will endure just because it is in a different era.
  19. What I enjoyed about JA is the fact that not only are there plenty of mods already out there, but somebody with very little knowledge of modding (me!) can read a good tutorial and start cracking out skins and gameplay mods.
  20. I kinda doubt the Kota or Maris would be the main character in the next game. I'm sure they'll have something to do with the plot though, got to tie in the Secret Apprentice somehow, right?
  21. SWG will survive because it is set in the GCW era instead of the Old Republic era. Not everyone played KOTOR, but everyone saw the movies. I miss SWG, dang Macbook.....
  22. The clan system on JA is kind of broken. No competition, more of chat room. But there are always some nice CTF or objective servers to play on.
  23. KIII is in development. Its a known fact. They will eventually have to announce it.
  24. Luke's half-brother anyone? You never know.....
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