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  1. thankyou if u have any other questions come to my thread(for xbox) or if you done something cool COME HERE xbox own the PS2
  2. the xbox should have 24 each then its powerfuler than the PS2
  3. when i get the game for xbox ill will be telling my victorys but i would like to no how many bots on the teams you can get for i dont have xbox live
  4. does any one no how many bots per team for xbox on single player
  5. WHAT SO IT IS ONLY 8 bots per team on single player
  6. say if i go on insatant action can i set the bots cause i dont want just 8 bots per team
  7. im getting star wars battlefront for xbox but im not getting xbox live yet si single player go anoth to keep me going and how many bots are there will it be good FOR ME I SAY !!!
  8. whats the single play like for ps2 how man bots are there
  9. is that just 16 bots per team is that more than the PS2 i hope it is
  10. well can you answer my question about how many bots
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