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  1. back to leading... I can't ever hit a moving target I lead from 1 cm to 1 mm and nothing happens, the circly thing doesn't even light up ;(. Anyone interested in doing research on leading targets at different distances? I've also got a hitbox question... In ET (enemy territory) the boxes are like rectangles, so you can have the crosshair above their shoulder and you will still hit them. In SWBF, are the hitboxes exactly the image or not?
  2. Default except for weapon switching, sensitivity, etc... Also, I play Enemy Territory so prone is x and crouch is c
  3. cool the only issue of pcg i ever bought was the april 2004 one that made me buy battlefront ;D
  4. 1. what exactly are the head hitboxes for a droideka and a super battle droid? 2. when i shoot someone with a EM pulse launcher or missile, the picture of the bolt actually has to hit them, but when i shoot someone with a sniper, it says i killed them right when i push the mouse, not when the picture of the bolt hits them. I'm wondering if you are a clone trooper, for example, and want to hit a rolling droideka. Do you have to aim ahead of the droideka so the picture of the bolts hits it because they are so slow, or can you just aim for the picture of the droideka on the screen and it doesn't matter that the bolts don't appear to get to it immediately? 3. I am playing the clone wars missions, and after Kashyyyk: Dock, there is no more levels that load. is this supposed to happen, or what? 4. And how do you get to play as droids in clone war? Thanks!
  5. ((whatever i'm alive anyways)) i see a server droid with its wheel off, so i take it and throw it like a frisbee at kipper. it hits his stomach and he is rolling on the floor for two posts in pain!
  6. ooc: lol its funny but im already down ill just go by shadow lol doesn't count as post
  7. OCC: I will just use my username to avoid confusion , i am kind of new at rp IC: {INF}-shadow walks in, wondering where the heck everyone is. he takes out a concussion grenade, throws it in the middle of the room, but there is nobody around, so it hits him, taking him out for 3 posts while an FX-7 medical droid does surgery on him.
  8. just wondering about your ages...
  9. well i just got SWBF and I used to play enemy territory (its a free game that was going to be the expansion to RTCW), and it has invincibility plus it takes three headshots to kill someone... its not that much of a problem because the vehicles move on predetermined tracks but when the whole teams get panzerfausts or mortars or something, it gets messy!
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