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  1. I have the same problem, I don't know how much more these guys can take of me...
  2. lol, I have a 5 page paper due 20 hours from now and i haven't started on it yet. My mom's not making me wait until Christmas and I just picked it up today(which if I would have had the game on its release day I still wouldn't have slept yet)...5 hours deep though right now, but I'm guessing I'll put in a hardcore 12 hours tommorrow from 3pm-3am and saturday another 14 hours...
  3. I'll post more about the game later, but I'd first like to thank my mom for letter me play it early and not wait for Christmas. She ownz.
  4. A: Helena Q: What's the name of the wrinkled old man from the undercity of Taris that Shaleena tells us about?
  5. The gameplay doesn't look as choppy as I imagined. Except the first movie is just a couple of guys running around a room picking up some kinda coin. http://media.xbox.ign.com/media/694/694423/vids_1.html
  6. any idea if the game will come with any actual promotional legos? and will Lincoln Logs now target the 007 franchise? but yeah, it does look hilarious and i'm pretty curious to see some footage of the game in action.
  7. I started out calling my old KOTOR characters like Kenyan Strove and other names, but my latest I've just named him after me. Nothing has gotten a better reaction out of my friends when they see my character say stuff like "I'm Clint Jackson and I go where I please" or stuff like that. I think my girlfriend laughed for 10 mins after seeing that.
  8. Whether it was graphic novels and now the KOTOR games, they've provided enough information about it to wet everyone's appetite for more. I know they picked the timetable of KOTOR because of the lack of material covering it, which provided them with more of a creative license. Still, the fact that the Galactic Civil War period has been so heavily drawn upon does not hinder further games from being produced. (Jedi Knight, TIE Fighter, XWA)Lucasarts is probably awfully busy right now dealing with stuff pertaining to Episode III, but in a couple of years and after consistent enough begging, do you think they would base a game during that period? I've already given up hope on an X-Wing Alliance sequel.
  9. the last one did provide some priceless scenes of the governator in action. and yeah this one looks like the dark knight will return... or begin or something. batman can't be good without a dark mood.which i always loved the animated series from saturday mornings. i kinda wished they were still on at the same time.
  10. Name-Clint Age-1 year and 2 months before I can legally drink Birthplace-Nebraska Deathplace-Anywhere but Indiana... Occupation-Student at Ball State Favorite Bands-Anything from high school, its sad but I still listen to the same CDs Favorite Games-X-wing Alliance, Rebellion, Jedi Knight, Mike Tyson's Punchout, Knights of the Old Republic ofcourse, Madden05, SSX3, and pretty much half the games out there
  11. it will be awesome. anytime people compare a game to halo and rainbow6 3 its gotta be something. and march should be a decent time for them to release it since they'll probably start up their big push for episode 3 at that time. atleast it'll give me enough time to build up the funds to buy it.
  12. Good to see a Steeler fan in the house. My mom's side of the family lives like 15 mins away from the stadium or something like that and i've grown up with them(my dad's side lives in South Dakota...) Gotta love the Steelers even though I still remember Neil O'Donnell from that Super Bowl...handed them 14 points and the W... I'm also live in Indiana so I can't root against my home team, even if they are going to get smoked in the playoffs when Porter and Haggins hammer Manning. I've jumped on the Chargers bandwagon lately since I've only had them winning like 2 games this season.
  13. that would make for some very crappy gameplay...although very useful in its own way the additions to the actual game do look pretty cool though along with the new saber styles Which on a related note: if tampons were lightsabers (most)women would be dead and if lightsabers were tampons...star wars would be a little bit strange...
  14. Griff What's the name of the sith chick from Taris who invites you to the party? or I suppose What's the name of the sith dude who invites you to that same party?
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