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  1. How do i get the siege game in MP offline on X-Box and how do I do the 1 light saber moves like there is strong and fast how do you do them?
  2. How many levels are there? How long does the game last? What replay is there?
  3. Map: Tatooine: Dune Sea Side: CIS Kills: 111 Deaths: 0 CP: 0 On Hard
  4. BF2? You mean a Battlefront 2?
  5. Map: Tatooine: Dune Sea Side: CIS Kills: 103 or 104 Deaths: 1 CP: 0 On Hard How do you get 200 kills?
  6. I know I seen the sig before but I couldn't remember. How do you get 100 kills?
  7. Map: Tattonin: Dune Sea Side: CIS Kills: 74 or 76 Deaths: 0 CP: 0
  8. Please can't anyone help me?
  9. I don't know what to do I have went back to my ship and I did fight that guy and girl and also wher do I find the lens for my lightsaber and the chasses for the HK?
  10. What order should I do the planets?
  11. Will the Rancor kill you? Is this map MP or SP map?
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