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  1. Well, during the whole Hot Coffee thing with GTA, there was something people were doing to unlock it in the PS2 version. It involved a cheat device (Gameshark, Action Replay), that's about all I can tell you.
  2. Well, I suppose this fits in here.
  3. I would say maybe Kel Dor, Twi Lek, that sort of thing.
  4. I like the idea of bashing someone with your weapon. There have been too many times where someone is a foot in front of me and they're moving back and forth so fast that I can't shoot them (especially with the sniper rifle, which I usually use). If they allowed this, a bayonet would be nice, but probably wouldn't happen.
  5. I'd like to see Plo Koon. That's all I can think of.
  6. Player Points: 35,742 Rank: General Kills: 15,057 Deaths: 1097 Kill/Death Ratio: 13.74 Points Per Life: 32 Gunslinger: 99 Technician: 51 Demolition: 5 Marksman: 31 Regulator: 170 Endurance: 831 Guardian: 538 War Hero: 371 Frenzy: 94
  7. Yeah. You can only charge if you're on the ground or have the jetpack on.
  8. Hero: Obi-Wan, Aayla Secura Villain: Anakin Skywalker, Darth Vader
  9. I'd like to see Plo Koon, but that would probably only happen if they have a Cato Nemoidia. Maybe R2?
  10. Im going to have to say commander. The only one I like is the clone commander. I still havent tired the new Droideka.
  11. I prefer the new one. The old shotguns were too inacurate. I prefer the lightning gun over the old shotgun. The new one, well, I cant say I'd prefer the ARC Caster. The new shotgun is more accurate. But of course, the shotguns are being used on the engineers.
  12. Im not sure but I think that's the Matukai Apprentice Robe. Could be wrong though.
  13. I voted TIE Interceptor but I only use it after every Auto Turret has been shut down. After that, the only thing I hate about them is that one shot from a bomber takes them down.
  14. That's what I do. 5 health containers can keep you going for a long time and the shotgun is just as lethal (if not more) as the incinerator. I usually play as the rebels so I dont really deal with the bothan spies. The incinerator seems fine to me though.
  15. Id buy it if we had the dfisk space. Then again, if I had enough disk space, I would've installed UT2004 by now. Ill be sticking to consoles.
  16. Actually, you can mod the PS2 version. Itr has something to do with a cheat device like a GameShark or AR. Point is, it's possible. I think you can get Xbox mods on Xbox Live. I wish I didnt have to pay for it.
  17. Actually, in the demo, there were 5 with hangars but there was one CIS hangar you couldnt land in, and one Republic hangar you couldnt land in, totaling 1 Rebublic capital ship, and two CIS capital ships. Theyre probably going to fix it so you can land in all of them, though.
  18. Yes, there will be. Thats a relief to hear it'll be bigger than the demo!
  19. For Battlefront 1 I'd have to say.....Tattoine, the dune sea. It offers the best sniping spot in the game (in my opinion). Not to mention, you can dogfight (to the extent that's possible) in it. Its also kind of funny watching the Sarlaac eat soldiers.
  20. Its about time they updated. Looks good but every characters page is missing the commander (except the Republic which is missing the sharpshooter and the CIS which is completely in order)
  21. Wow, Utapau is different on the BETA then the Xbox demo. I'm assuming thats because the Xbox demo has goals, though.
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