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  1. Hello, My name is Dark Arsenal and I am a recruiter from the Fallen Angels, PC Clan. We are a clan that has been around for about 2 years now and were looking for more members to join the jk3 division. Currently our members are inactive so that is why we are looking for new faces to turn this division around. If you are intrested in joining then you can xfire me at darkarsinal, join our ventrillo server at, or log onto http://www.thefalife.com. Hope to see you becoming a member of The Fallen.
  2. Name on site: xhacker Name in game: Arsinal, Fallen Angel (I have multiple usar) Platform: Pc Position: I am a extremly good marksman, but i can be a regular soilder to Contact info: aim coolcowbellplaya, naterioux@yahoo.com, or in game Extra info: I would like to be in a clan that has a cool name, and i hate cis, but i will play them if i have to.
  3. THe Roar of the engines makes you feel like home. Our pilot, who can't keep the plane flying start becuase of all the missle flying twords us. " Damint we could use some support he, The pilot yelled over the com link to all the piolts.
  4. I made it the the hanger and notice my team standing in attention. I looked at them funny saying, what the hell you guys doing we got a war to win. They all starting going on there desinated transport. I got on mine and turn around to look at my home away from home, hopely not for the last time. "Welcome abord sir, my pilot said as he fired up the engines. "Lets lock and load people."
  5. Name: John Landcaster Class: Special Forces Marine Commander Side: Rebels Ship: Whatever he can find Weponds Standern Special Forces Gear ,dual blaster pistols, dagger, Bio: John is was one of the Special Forces Marines.He is does a lot of jumping out of ships in space to infultrat them He also a master of stealth and infultration. I was doing my gear check, when the they came a voice on the intercom.All special force marines get to hanger 4 now. Well it party time, I say as i start running down to the hanger.
  6. well i guess, i just don't want people comming up with ridicules ones, like a captial ship with infinate nukes. Oh i fogot a rule, No nukes.
  7. The rebels had learn a secert base for the imps, this base is were the Dark Troopers were made. The rebels need to shut down this base inorder to stop this new threat. But first the rebels need to get past the massive swarm of star destoryers protecting the planet. So here's the what you need. Name Class( primary field postion) Side: Imps, Rebels Weponds Avaible Ships:Rebels x-wing, y-wing, A-wing, b-wing, Assasult craft(transport ship) imps: tie fighter, tie interceptor, Tie bomber, tie defender, Assasult craft(transport ship) (bio later) Rule: no going downto the plaent, we need to take out those star destoryer first.
  8. I started running down the hall to the hanger and then there was a big expolsion sending me flying to the ground.
  9. (didn't know that people read those books) Well I changed it so there ya go.
  10. Ok here the story line, there a huge space battle between the rebels and the imperials, with captial ships dog fights and everything like that. The rebels are extremly out numbered, so the rebels are calling this a sucides battle. If you on the rebels you start from the extremly damage ship. Weponds are off line and the engiens are offline, and they can;t be fixed. The imps start from the lead captial star destoryer. Rules, can't kill anybody, or control anybody, or no super size nukes that blow up everthing. So my stats Name: John Landcaster Side: Rebels Faction(primary postion): Ghost Assault Team Commander Item: Standern Ghost Assault Team equiment, plus dagger I am john landcaster the commander of the 23rd Ghost Assasult Team commpony,thease most elite marines of the rebels. Then are capaile of jumping out of transport ships and then cutting into the enemy ship useing fusion cutters. As soon as the power went out on the ship i knew it was time to suit up. (ok have fun)
  11. I walk off in the distantes. Seeing if there aytning out there. Noting
  12. Fine, i said. I think to myself what am i going to i got to catch up with the guys.
  13. I look at him with a grin. "no i am never nevious."
  14. I look aroud everone that talking. I step out a little inot the distane.
  15. I do not know last thing i remeber is running to the base and i got hit by somthing.
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