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  1. Mmm, you're obviously an erudite type. I assume that you are soo committed to SWBF that the very thought of criticism of "your precious" (a la Gollom) sends you into what can only be described as a cryptic fit. Never mind, keep taking the pills. Oh, and by the way, literature tells us that trolls do not need to be fed, rather they go out and eat - normally skinny little twonks like yourself. mooooohhhhhaaaaaaa
  2. Big thumbs down for this game. Finally got it working after uninstalling SP2 and must say that it reminds me of the beta multiplayer release of RTCW. The NET CODE sucks. Lag, jerky graphics, unrealistic pace, basically my first few games were just a messy, ziggedy zaggedy flashy blur. The game has no atmosphere, no soul, no nothing. It Stinks. I am going to forget about his game and go play H&D2 online which is far superior on so many levels to this game. Dont get me wrong, I so wanted this game to be great. But it isnt, it is crap. Shame on Activision, Shame on Lucasarts. They are taking the pee out of us fans. Disappointed ? Yes. Suprised? No.
  3. Cheers Shivy, SWBF doesnt even try to load. And I have disabled the Firewall completely. I'll give it another go though. Cheers Ian
  4. Just got off the phone with Activision. Bottom line is that SWBF wont work if you have SP 2 installed. Anyone know a way around this, or do I have to uninstall SP2 to pay? Greets Ian
  5. Cheers mate will give it a go. I just uninstalled XP SP2 and guess what - the game works no probs. I reinistalled XP SP2 and thing wont work now.
  6. Hi. Can anyone help. I seem to have installed the game okay. I click on the shortcut and nothing happens. Zilch, Tipota, Rien, Nada. Also, if I click on the update exe.s again nothing happens. This sucks. I spoke to Activision and they sent me instructions on copying CDs 2 and 3 to Hard disk. I mean jeez as if. I am foxed. Anyone else had this prob? Greets Ian
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