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  1. Yes, same here, yes this is the most interesting/almost disturbing line in the whole game. I keep thinking about it too.
  2. Very nicely put before @Romão! I fully agree, what Ron and Dave did, actually opens up Monkey Island to have a future. Also congratulations on your little ManuelBrush
  3. OMG!!!!! crap BS3 is looking better and better. This game is gonna rock. Cecil is crushing the competition.
  4. I did not know that Ben's last name was Throttle That puts a new spin of the name of the game hehe
  5. What do get if you break a golfpeg? A jpeg..... Everyone that found that one funny plz give me money...
  6. When Guybrush picks up the Hot Keels ship and says: "I haven't played with these in weeks" Another good is when he sings during the lavaplunge
  7. It depends which of the games you are comparing. If it is MI 1, MI 2 and CMI vs BS1 and BS 2, the Monkey Island series win. If it is between EMI and the BS series I would go with the BS series. BS1 is extremely good, the second one is like EMI for the MI series.
  8. Is it just me or do other people share my opinion about EMIs lack of dialogue. All of the pervious games had tons of lines that made the games replayability much greater. EMIs dialogue were in many ways short and plump. That thing bothers me the most about EMI.
  9. The great thing was that I'm in the US now so I saw the movie last thursday...and I must say that it was pretty good. I thought it would suck but I was wrong. It is the best american produced comedy I've seen in ages. You gotta see it if you are into ghost pirates
  10. Hmm that is interesting! Ron, Tim and Dave must thought it gave to much of the secret away......perhaps. These games are full surprises:D
  11. Play that funky intro...... yeah I'm all giddy now
  12. *sigh* This is hard..... The first time I saw it I thought it was a joke..... later I started to realise......damn I didn't think you could get emotional over a thing like this...apparently I was wrong. I have been visiting the scumm bar since 1apparently 998. Thanks Remi and Ian for being such true monkey island fans. You contributed to that the monkey island cult is as big as it is today. You will be missed. Though I hoped you could give the site away to someone else, it perhaps never becomes the same. You truly did it your way..... best regards Carlius
  13. I think the ending in MI2 is superb. The whole idea with the guybrush being a kid is splendid. It is a work of a genius Ron, I'm having a hard time accepting that Grossman and Schafer also are involved in the masterpiece but that's just because I'm stupid By the way I loved Mulholland Drive
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