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  1. We need animators for our Jedi Outcast mod. Anyone interested please either pm me or send me an email.
  2. Can someone make a logo that says: Hosted by the FGE Mod Team? More Info if you post.
  3. does anybody still play jedi outcast? i want to make a mod for jedi outcast. but should i switch to jedi academy? i want some honest answers.
  4. i can map and skin. but i need more info on your project.
  5. Hey, im a good mapper and i have been making tons of maps for jedi outcast. But i now want to make a mod. I was planning to make a splinter cell mod. So i need a Sam fisher model. If any one is interested please reply. My email is darth_biggs@hotmail.com If you need reference pictures of Sam Fisher, i have some posted some on my site: http://darthbiggs.bravehost.com/fisher_1.html
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