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  1. if you play online then it doesn't matter what one you get but for single player i prefer bf 1 because it has a lot of the best maps on it. the single player campaign in bf2 is better and also you can unlock certain items in bf2 depends what kind of game you want really. BTW i have all 3 versions of bf1 and all 4 versions of bf2 and both strategy guides
  2. if u dont want to use the award sniper gun then dont switch weapons when u spawn as a sniper u get to use a normal sniper gun instead and snipers don't suck they are good for taking down turrets and other annoyances where you can hit the person from long range (imperial hover tank anyone?) if you dont like them don't play as them, simple. Personally i usually play as a normal soldier because with his rifle you can get from around 40 to 80 kills
  3. hi ive got da disk and id be happy 2 help if u hav msn my addy is ash857@hotmail.co.uk tell me the file u want nd ill try nd find it 4 u or ill do u a iso image of da disk hope i can be of help
  4. i play battlefront 1 because its a good game battlefront 2 just isnt as good dont know why lol i play EAW nd COD and they are well good
  5. yes i have seen an at-st in mos eisley if you capture the hangar capture the cp on top of the skiff to get it lol i had loads of fun with that thing
  6. ive got 353 kills on a downloadable map:) but then it resets the kill counter after a certain number of kills:mad: so its not possible to get 999 kills in battlefront 1:(. Ive done it in battlefront 2 though:D
  7. still play force commander and i love it one of the best
  8. On Bespin i sit on ring around top of extractor and get about 70 kills with a sniper
  9. If you are a pilot you can use shotgun the same as darkie but you can throw yourself health and ammo if you get hurt
  10. tuskens have infinitie reinforcements so its impossibe to wipe them out unless you can capture all command posts`that the tuskens have but that is quite hard on pc unless you have a few buddies with you Personally i just capture tusken camp and leave them to hassle enemies always works for me
  11. Thats Nothing I got 150 Kills on dune sea:D:D:D:D:D
  12. Jabba wouldnt be eated by rancor though doesent make sense he's too fat to fit in the rancors gob
  13. The ATT in the original Battlefront doesn't have rockets so it sucks But that was done so the game wouldn't be unbalanced
  14. one strategy it 2 fill your mech destroyers with grenadiers and when an enemy mech pokes its ugly zit into your units the grenadiers dismount and grenade the mech into submission thats what u do if a mech destroyer is going 2 be destroyed by a hvy mech destroyer dismount the grenadiers and bang bye bye mech destroyer i admit i dont use them anymore though
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