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  1. I have Dark Forces 1 for PSX and I can't beat the level with the sewer. Help!
  2. Thanks! I got ScummVM and now for the first time in all 12 years of my life I got it working. One question though. Is it counted as cheating if I save the game in a save file and let's say it worked without ScummVm. Does the game have a save feature or do you have to restart the whole friggin' game again.
  3. I got Sam & Max Hit The Road and it wouldn't let me play because I have a Windows XP and it can't run in DOS. So I downloaded the new EXE and it looked like it would run perfectly but then I heard the sound, the sound was perfect but there was no picture, just black. I have never played this game and it looks great. Please help! I'm 12 and I would love to play this. Plz help. Plz. Plz. PLZ.
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