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  1. This is my idea for the story of KOTOR III, the title is a little weak so please, give me ideas for a better title. It is 15 years after the the death of Darth Traya and the Exile's dissaperance in his/her search of Revan. The "Lost Jedi" (according to Kreia) trained by the Exile have began to rebuild the Jedi Order. Visas, Mira, Bao Dur, Atton, Handmaiden/Disciple along with other Jedi Knights who have come out of hiding have reestablished the enclave on Dantooine and the temple on Coruscant. The PC should be a brand new character. You are a a copilot on a freighter at the age of 20. You come out of hyperspace at the planet of Borkel to encounter a large fleet of unkown origins attacking a small Republic fleet. Your ship is damaged and you use an escape pod to land on the planet, you hide in a small city occupied by the True Sith, who led to unknown fleet. You do some small missions until the Republic attacks to the planet in order to liberate it. They are defeated but you are able to escape aboard a Republic Cruiser. You go to Coruscant and Admiral Carth Onasi and a Jedi question you about the True Sith. You are found to be Force-sensitive and are trained at the Jedi Temple under a Jedi Master. You and your master are assigned to gain allies for the fight against the Republic. You are to recruit Mandalore (Canderous) with his fleet and army as well some others (maybe the Hutts or something b/c the are endangered by the Sith as well). Then you fight some large,key battles against the Sith. Eventually you discover the whereabouts of Revan and the Exile. If Revan went LS he/she is fighting the Sith to destroy them, if Revan went DS he/she is trying to kill its leader in order to take it over. If the Exile is the same side as Revan he/she is supporting him/her. If the Exile is the different side he/she is trying to kill Revan. Bastila is with Revan regardless if Revan is male or female (in KOTOR it will be assumed that she lived). You find them on a planet in the Unkown Regions under control of the Sith. You have a conversation about what they were doing since they've been gone. Then the True Sith Lord attacks with more Sith warriors. He slays Revan, the Exile, and your master but wounds Bastila and then fights you. You lose but escape with Bastila who reveals that you are the son/daughter of Revan and Bastila/Carth (Carth did not know this and if Revan went DS, female she got pregnant before betraying Carth on the Rakata planet). You were placed with a foster family b/c the Sith would hunt you down if they knew of your existence. Bastila then dies and you go back to Coruscant to regroup with the Jedi and Republic forces. You talk more with the Jedi Council about your revelation. Then you attack several more planets in the Unkown Regions until you finally reach the True Sith's home planet and the Sith Temple. This is where the climatic battle occurs against the Sith. You face th Dark Lord and defeat him. If you are LS the Jedi proceed to defeat the Sith, if DS you rally the Sith to defeat the Jedi and Republic. The planets should be Borkel, Coruscant, the planet Mandalore and Nal Hutta (where you recruit allies). The planets in your search for Revan should be a combination of Republic and Unknown planets such as Koriban, Tatooine(give me some ideas). When the Republic offensive occurs it should be some Republic planets and Sith planets in the Unkown Regions as well as the True Sith homeworld. Your party should be a male Republic soldier you meet on Borkel. Your Jedi Master and a female Jedi Knight on Coruscant, a Mandalorian bounty hunter/soldier (a true kickass bounty hunter of the Fett line), a Han Solo type scoundrel, a female Republic scout, an alien of the Sith species who joins you b/c he doesn't support the Sith's war against the Republic, an assassin the Hutts allow you take, and maybe a Wookie (they're just to cool not to have). T3 an HK join your party on Coruscant and Carth and the Council give you the Ebon Hawk to use. (Give me your ideas on names). The Exile never had an established romance with any of his/her party from Sith Lords so that is why he/she is alone when accompining Revan and Bastila. Minor characters from previous games such as Mission, Zaalbar,Juhani, GOTO, Hanharr should make small cameos. Jolee should be dead (killed by Revan or just old age) but appear as a Force ghost to help you especially after your master's death. Maybe Kreia can appear as a Force ghost but its not completely necessary. The main bad guy should be the Dark Lord of the True Sith, of the Sith species. His apprentice is a half-breed Sith. There should be several Sith Lords, the main servants of Malarch, to act as mini-bosses. Maybe a few bounty hunters and soldiers could serve as mini-bosses to. (Give me ideas for names). The point when you must chose to go LS or DS should be right before the end of the game. Before the last final battle, the Dark Lord's apprentices kidnaps your love interest, either the male Republic soldier or the female Jedi in your party. In the presence of the Dark Lord and your love interest you fight the apprentice as the Dark Lord goads you into joining the Sith by killing his apprentice and your love interest tries to convince you to stay a Jedi. After beating the apprentice, you either fight the Dark Lord as a Jedi or as a Sith trying to overthrow him. This is what I would like for KOTOR III to be like. The combat should stay the same but more animations would be nice while fighting in melee and better graphics would be nice. I might come back with some more ideas. Tell me what you think and give me some ideas.
  2. I am not saying that the player in KOTOR III cannot play as darkside, the player can chose if their PC is DS,LS,male,or female. I just believe that it would be in the best interest overall to everyone that Revan and Exile were both LS, however, the player can chose if they were male or female. This would allow the developers to concentrate on other aspects of the game, such as the story and new characters.
  3. According to several websites such as wikipedia.org and (I believe) starwars.com the official canon ending to both KOTORs was Revan and the Exile were both males and were lightside. Now if the developers of KOTOR III decide to allow the player to chose if Revan was DS,LS,male,female as well as the Exile I believe it would be to many differences to make a coherent game with a plot that can be followed. I believe that the player should pick if Revan and Exile were male or female but they should always be kept as going lightside in the previous installments. By doing this it would be much easier to concentrate on other important elements of the game such as story and character development. I know this might make some people mad but come one. I played through each game as DS,LS,male, and female. Soemone might say "but I went DS as Revan and killed Mission and so on..." but I think everyone played through the game in each way possible. In the end, I think most people would be able to get over their grief about this and just play the game. By having Revan and Exile go LS, all the old characters should return, perhaps not in your party but as supporting characters or cameos. Even though you could kill Bastila as LS she should still be alive. Now I am not writing about wat the story should be, who is the PC whether it be Revan,Exile,or new PC, or who should be in your party. All Im saying is that the developers would probably have a much easier time making a great game if they just stated that Revan and Exile went LS. Besides, if they went DS, wouldnt that mean they would serve as a new enemy along with the True Sith (if they are the enemies, i dont know yet). If that were the case it would all be just too confusing. Whats your ideas.
  4. For KOTOR III, in my opinion, the PC should be Revan. This can be done with starting off at level 1 and with character development. Revan should fight the True Sith Lord very early, lose and almost die. This can set up a lose of connection in the Force and force the player to start at level 1. As for character development Revan should not have recovered all of his memory he lost. He is still recalling his past and the reasons he became Darth Revan. As for the story, it is ten years after KOTOR II, after losing to the true sith lord, Revan escapes and recovers in a hospital on a Sith planet in the unknown regions, the Sith cannot find him because he lost most of his connection. This is where Revan meets the Exile, who should be neutral (gray) because he believed in Kreias teachings. He gives Revan the Ebon Hawk to return to Coruscant while he goes off to fight the Sith. You return to Coruscant and inform the Senate of the True Sith threat. The Sith then invade the Republic under the Exile who becomes the Dark Lord and wishes to spread Kreia's teachings. As Revan, your mission is to save certain planets from the Sith and recruit allies. You must unite Carth and the Republic forces with the Jedi, under the Exiles apprentices from KOTOR II and Jolee and Juhani if went LS in KOTOR 1 along with the Mandalorians under Mandalore (Canderous Ordo). Bastila will join you as your apprentice now matter what side you took in KOTOR 1 because she knows Revan can be more powerful than anyone but she is not in your party, she goes off on her own to fight the True Sith. The Ebon Hawk is your ship and T3 and HK are the only returning NPCs. Since Revan's goal was always to preserve the Republic that is what you do but you can still be darkside. You can kill the Exile who is Darth something and eliminate the Sith in an epic battle with the Jedi or you can kill the Exile and eliminate the Jedi and Sith in an epic battle to start your own sect of Force users, you decide what side you take sometime earlier in the game. Bastila will join no matter your gender or side you take, if you are male you can have romance with her or another female in your party. If you are female than you can have romance with some male in your party. Your party members should be HK, T3, Bastila (who acts as a mentor of sorts) for portions of the game, a scoundrel pilot (a Han Solo type character is needed in everything Star Wars), a Mandalorian soldier who is an ancestor of Jango Fett's, a real bounty hunter (not this Mira crap who doesn't kill), a human female Jedi (for romance), a male Iridonian Jedi (a mentor), a Bothan spy, etc. (give me ideas). Kreia should make appearances as a Force ghost. I would prefer a combat system like Jade Empires (but the old is fine) and better graphics (it will probably be on the Xbox 360 anyway). The planets should be two Sith planets (one the homeworld and not Korriban), Coruscant, Mandalore (homeworld of the Mandalorians), Yavin IV, Alderaan, Ilum, Dagobah, etc. (give me more ideas). What do you all think.
  5. for kotor III i think the maker bioware, obsidian, whoever should at the risk of making some people mad automattically make Revan go LS from KOTOR but for the Exile it doesnt matter, heres why. You play as Revan but at the beginning u fight the major Sith Lord but are defeated, left for dead and lost most of their connection to the force. The Exile will have looked for u but is seduced by the Sith and becomes a Sith Lord, unbeknownst to u and u fight near the end and he reveals who he is. The only returning characters in ur party shud be T3 and HK, the rest are brand new. As Revan u go to different planets to recruit members from ur parties in the first two games and form an alliance. EX:u recruit Mandalore and his new army, Carth and the Republic army, Jolee Juhani Bastila shud start have training new jedi and u recruit them, etc. With this alliance u fight the Sith, kill their leader and decide to destroy them or take his place. Also, when Kreia talks of the "True Sith" for TSL i dont think she just means the species itself but anyone who has joined them becasue Revan was not a true Sith and those who served under him were fallen Jedi from the Mandalorian Wars.
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